Drunk People Doing All Kinds of Funny Things Caught On Camera

Everyone needs a happy moment every once in a while that’s why we are here to provide one! We have to admit that most of us tend to forget what happened after we get drunk and more often than not, that’s where most of the fun happens – not for these drunk people of course!

No need to waste up some of our credit card balances for some fancy clothing or other expensive stuff just to keep our happy meter up. This one is free of charge! So without further ado, let’s take a look at drunk people doing all kinds of weird and funny stuff!

Party Harder!

Most people that go to parties have all a bunch of good and fond memories that they will cherish forever. Whether it would cool bonding with old friends or just catching up with their life. But this young bloke right here would think otherwise.

From the looks of things, he would badly want this memory erased from the hearts and minds of his friends. That is, if he’s too embarrassed to live up to his nightmare. However, if he just laughs it out whenever his friends talk about this moment, well, we just need to give this man a lot of credit!

Parties Are For Everyone…Sort of!

Parties and social events are made for groups of people and it would be better if we have someone at our side. However, this could turn out sour real quick if we only found ourselves a lone island in the middle of the ocean.

Pook kid, he’s just spending his credit card with a bunch of drinks and food while his friends were having all the fun in the world. Maybe that wasn’t the right time for him yet or he just went in with a wrong memo in his hand. We wouldn’t know the whole story but we get the bigger picture.

Bouncing ‘till We Drop

Young adults always have the tendency to go overboard and that’s what happened with these two sweet ladies. Up all night and partying ‘till dusk with drinks in hand. Just don’t ask what came next because you will surely hit the flooring.

Just like what most people say, everything falls down in the end and these two knew how to live up to the hype. We bet that they have learned their lesson and they wouldn’t let anything like this happen to them ever again. However, they are always welcome to the party anytime as long as they are down with it. Get it?

Too Early To Be Wasted

Crashing our credit cards for drinks in the bars and partying all night is a common thing today but when you’re with someone who is already drunk when the party’s just about to start, well, you can kiss your party goodbye already. We can also feel the arriving sensation that you guys will be missing a whole lot of fun because of that one friend that gets drunk easily.

Lesson learned, if you guys have any plans to party all night, don’t invite your friend that gets easily wasted after just a couple of drinks. Just stay away and hide from them up until the end of the party and you should be okay.

Relaxing Drink

Many hard workers doing hard labor day in and day out could attest that a drink or two of alcohol could get them to a relaxing feeling. This is true after a very strenuous day and nothing could make us better with a cold drink in hand.

However, we just want to make sure we are on the same page – that we said a drink or two only, or else you guys will end up just like this dude over here. Relaxing, yes, but a glass or two, maybe not! We still need to give him credit for that photo op – he could make a good brand model if you ask us!

Hangin’ Out Tonight?

A good night out with a couple of friends and a few rounds of cold ice beer would go down the line as one of the best bonding moments especially after a busy day of work. However, this dude right here took it up a notch and gave the good old term “hanging out” a whole new meaning.

We are puzzled that the hanger and that rod held him up, but what was more amazing is he seemed like he’s all good with it. We can all agree that he pulled off a difficult degree of stunt and we weren’t sure if he’s hanging out with his friends again after this.

Cold and Out

It is common to see people sitting down on the chair to relax for a bit. What’s more interesting is the fact that someone relaxing flat on the ground while ‘on’ the chair, now that’s a sight to see! He could be celebrating with his friends for sorting out his loans approved or something great, but we sure know that this is not the right way to use a chair.

If another celebration falls into place, just make sure that we properly utilize our outdoor chairs so we don’t end up like him in the coming future, just a piece of advice.

Best Representation of Drunk People

Have you experienced taking home one of our close friends or loved ones back home while they were drunk? If your answer is no, well, it is not easy we tell you. If you still can’t imagine how hard it is, just look at this picture and it will tell you the whole story. This will really help you in figuring out what the feeling is like.

These clumsy teddy bears hit the mark dead-on like a sharp lawyer firing the right question in the courtroom. With that said, now tell us what’s your story and we can probably laugh it out.

Electrifying Kiss

They say that a kiss can sometimes provide that feeling similar to the shock of electricity flowing through our body. However, we can’t tell whether this one had too much shock going on or if it is just entirely something else.

Whatever the case may be, we don’t want to know and we are not in a good position to tell you as well, but the bottom line is, these two were pretty drunk and their picture will go down history just like the beautiful painting of a master painter. Well, maybe not that much but we just hope that they spent the rest of the night on good terms.

Beer Flows

Party people have a couple of pointers that would tell them if the party is good or if the night is on a totally whole new level. For starters, there should be drinks, music, and fun, and if these three conditions are met, well, you, my friend, are in for a night.

Judging from the looks of things, this dude took that list up to another degree. He’s literally bathing in beer cans but not the beer itself. If this kid right here is not a genius, we are not sure what to call him anymore and he got the photo to prove it all to us!

Party On The Floor!

These lovely ladies here might be a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull’s hit single On The Floor. How can we tell? Well, maybe they spend a couple from their credit cards to buy a digital copy of the song or just literally absorb the song and found a real-life application for it.

From the looks of things, they were pretty cool about it. However, we were not sure if their standpoint still remains after they saw their picture. On the bright side, one of them seems to be enjoying themself.

 Out and Cold

Pranks while drunk is a common sight, especially if we let our guards down. Just like many home security systems, we need to keep our eyes peeled if our friends would pull a fast one on us because if we let them slip up to us, we’ll wake up full of regrets –  just like this poor fella in the picture.

We can imagine how this fella’s friends are laughing their lungs out while doing this. If you don’t want to end up with the same fate, as shown in the picture, do not sleep like a baby after getting drunk. Because if you do, once you wake up, you’ll be in a whole new dimension. You can count on it!

Careful With The Stairs!

If we saw a drunk person on the street, we can easily tell by just looking at the way they walk and how they swing back and forth while navigating their way towards their destination. However, this kid right here didn’t see the memo and ended up face-first on the steps after partying all night long.

We just hope that he has good medical insurance coverage, and judging from the way he landed, he may have found out a whole new world of pain. He even broke one of the steps in half. Of course, his friends probably just put him there to shame him and they were pretty successful with it.

Stay Away From Markers!

If you are around your so-called friends having a good time while drinking beers, here’s a piece of advice, stay away from any adhesive tapes and markers that would bring you good in the long run. However, this guy right here followed one thing and forgot the other and looked at what happened to him.

Once he comes to his senses, we bet he’ll never need additional gas for his car since he wouldn’t get lost because his friends could have just drawn a map right on his face. We are not sure if they are thoughtful or something but you’ll never go wrong with good friends by your side.

This Is How We Roll

It is not advisable to drink a couple of rounds of alcohol and drive afterward. In some cases, you might even need to hire a lawyer to help you with your legal battle. It is always good to follow the law and rules are made to be followed, not broken or bent.

This man right here on the other hand found an ingenious way around the regulation. In fact, he was even caught sleeping while hitting the road. Just look at him on top of his parked cart. Now, whenever you get drunk at a party, just remember to look for a cart and you should be good to go.

What’s Up?

Friendship is a thing that most of us will cherish forever and there’s nothing in the world that could match it. They will help you whenever you’re down and they will lift you up…really high! If you don’t believe us, just ask this dude over here.

Look at his supporting friends all happy to see him reach new heights. We didn’t know how they managed to do it, but apparently, they succeeded with their task. Now, they have found a new plumbing service specialist! We just hope that duct tape would hold up for a long time until they figure out how to get him off that hook.

 Drunk and Buff

Drunk people lose their sense of balance whenever they reach a certain threshold of alcohol intake in their system, but this man right here defies any laws to a whole new degree.

His friend was also caught up in the moment supporting his friend until the end. We can say that you’ll never find a friend like that, and if you happen to stumble across such a person look out for them and they might add weights to the tower next time. Proceed with caution and protect yourself at all times!

Pizza Lover

This drunk man right here is the exact definition of a pizza lover without a doubt. Just look at him sleeping over the pizza they probably ordered with their credit cards. We can’t help but wonder if he’s dreaming of pizza at the time of the photo, but we are pretty certain that he can’t get enough of his pizza.

Doesn’t matter what toppings or type of crust this pizza has, this fella will surely dig his hands on any of them. Probably next time, we suggest that he would only come to a pizza party without any beer in hand or he won’t be able to enjoy the pizza.

I’m Not Drunk Yet!

“I’m not drunk yet, I can still get a couple of rounds.” That’s what we always hear from our drunk friends who always tell everyone that they still have gas left in their tank, but from the way they act, we all can clearly tell that they were pretty drunk.

We always have friends like that and it just so happened that this lady over here left a promising mark about that sentiment. Just a word of advice to anyone that always plays tough in front of the drinks, just don’t do it, or else, you’ll risk getting a picture like this one.


Whenever there’s a house party with a bunch of friends, you can’t deny that it will most likely end with everyone falling asleep without the faintest clue of what happened the night before – especially for these two.

The circumstances behind how they ended up in that situation can be a good story for them to laugh about later on in life. One way to find out how they ended up like that is by browsing the home security system. Hopefully, whatever the circumstances, no bad blood was made between the two of them. After all, what good is a party if you end up hating the very people you were partying with?

Childhood Memory

Back when we were kids, we would sometimes find ourselves asleep on the living room couch, just to find ourselves on our bed when we wake up. That same childhood moment happened to this guy, but with a twist!

Having fun is a great thing, don’t get me wrong. But always keep in mind that too much of something – even if it’s a good thing – can eventually become a problem after a certain degree. With that in mind, if ever you decide to do something that may lead to you regaining consciousness in a shopping cart later on, then it’s most likely not a good decision.

Rest Room

Imagine this scenario. While you and your friends share a few drinks in your house, you realize the toilet is clogged. Luckily, one of you has worked with plumbing services before. The twist: what would you do if he drank too much beforehand and lost consciousness on the toilet bowl?

Their answer? They decided to take a picture of him in the act while they posed in the bathtub. Now we can only hope that after this picture was taken, his friends helped him off the toilet and placed him somewhere more comfortable like a bed. After all, the restroom is no place for a person to rest.

One Too Many

If the idiom “one too many” is to be described with imagery, the picture of these guys sleeping on a table full of beer can be a good candidate for that.

Who knows what they were talking about throughout that night? Interesting things that happened during work? A new finding regarding a hobby they all share? Or maybe even compare each other’s credit score? Anything can go when talking with friends after all. Nothing is ever farfetched. Well, whatever it is they did get to talk about that night, one can guarantee that their friendship will be just as strong as it always has been.

  Wrong Door

Back when we were kids, we would pretend that we’re animals, like dogs, cats, or even birds. This lady here got to experience that moment again thanks to a little guzzling of some liquor.

She probably assumed that she was a dog after who knows how many drinks she had and got stuck in their dog’s door. So remember, it’s all fun and games until someone thinks that they are a dog. Furthermore, do keep in mind your belongings wherever you go because you might end up mistaking a can of beer for your credit card like she did.

He Lays On The Floor

Whenever people drink, there’s usually finger food such as chips present on the table, which will then be shared with the pals while having a cold one. Eventually, the time will come where there’ll be more beer than food.

The solution? A few of them will go to the nearest convenience store to buy some food. Unfortunately, our friend here ran out of gas right at the moment he picked out what to buy. Moments like these help show the benefits of the buddy system. One, there’ll be someone to help you when you need it, and two, someone will be there to definitely laugh at you before helping.

Me And The Boys

We always have that type of circle of friends where we can just let loose and just be comfortable in each other’s company. But for these guys, a few too many drinks of beer brought a new degree of “being yourself” amongst them.

We have one guy striking a pose while someone digs through his nose like he’s in search of a treasure. Meanwhile, the person beside him has his polo covering his hair while he does his celebratory dance routine as a man behind them looks intently at the camera as if to say, “Everything’s fine. Don’t worry.” Hopefully, if they have a car, someone’s sober enough to drive them home safely later.

Sitting Reimagined

Innovate. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is “to do something in a new way.” With that in mind, we can at least give credit to this man for innovating a new way to sit.

Thanks to some liquor, an attempt on reinventing how to sit was made. And if you’re flexible enough, this can also be a new yoga position to do in your daily morning routine. Though body pain may be a side effect from the awkward sleeping position and also a headache from the hangover, he still tried to leave a mark in history as the man who tried to reinvent sitting.

Confidence Boost

Truth or Dare. A game that gets even more entertaining once there is liquor. After all, drinking a few bottles can make a person more honest about their thoughts or even make them more confident with their actions. For our guy here, it was the latter.

The very alcoholic drink he had at hand became gas that could fill up his confidence tank. With that in mind, we can only imagine how much liquor he drank before finally having the guts to dress up like that. Just hope that there is someone with him at that moment, keeping him from doing something even riskier.

Too Tired

When you’re tired after a long day of work, you just can’t wait to finally lie on your bed and rest. When you’re hungover though, anything – and I mean ANYTHING – can be a good substitute for your bed. Even a car tire.

The fact that a car tire can be as comfortable as a bed is beyond explanation. Looks like it can be agreed upon that having a hangover is the point where all logic is thrown off the window and anything goes. One thing we can be thankful for is that he probably managed to wake up before the driver of the car stepped on the gas.

You’ve Reached The End