NFL Players With Partners Who Stayed With Them Through Good Times and In Bad

It is a known fact that NFL players are bound to live the good life. With huge net worth which if often paired with a vast fan base, they surely know how staying in the limelight feels. Though most of them managed to live a private live, there are those who are followed around by paparazzi’s, fans, and mostly critics. Most may have had their struggles exposed, but most have amazing partners who stayed with them through it all. Things may be challenging, but with their ladies by their side, that managed to make it through.


Though they may be a new couple, they did manage to stay together through the ups and downs. NFL player Aaron Rodgers stayed with the Green Bay Packers as his sporting team since 2005. With his tenure, they managed to win one Super Bowl championship to date. Just like his career, his love life is also going well. In 2018, he stared dating Danica Patrick, who is also a big name in as she is a famous race car driver. Though she already retired, she did manage to set aside investment money to keep her going.


Still going steady, Rob Gronkowski and his partner Camille Kostek, are a popular couple in NFL. Rob plays for New England Patriots, which tasted the sweet victory after winning the championship in Super Bowl LIII. Despite his major success, however, Rob finally decided to hang his jersey. He eventually resigned, giving him more time to spend with his partner Camille. As a model herself, the couple sure won’t be having problems with their credit scores.


Playing for the Baltimore Ravens for almost a decade, Joe Flacco eventually moved to a different team — the Denver Broncos in 2019. Whichever team he chooses to play for, his wife, Dana Flacco, still supports him. The couple started as high school sweethearts and eventually tied the knot in 2011. The couple shares five children. Four out of five are boys, which can be a handful, but fans are rooting for them to join NFL too. With the amount of his earning, his children won’t have to worry about student loans, as their future is already set.


Two years may be a short time for some, but Ezekiel Elliot and Halle Woodard do know what it’s like to be in love and stay in love. Elliot may be one of the younger guys in the NFL, but he does have a lot of accomplishments. Playing for the Dallas Cowboys, he started his professional career in 2016. By 2017, he eventually met his partner, Halle. Though they managed to stay low key, they might as well just start doing investment planning as a couple to secure their future.


Though he played for Wisconsin Badgers for a year, he eventually moved to Houston Texans in 2011. He eventually became part of the team, where they managed to take part in a total of five Pro Bowls. He was even named as the NFL Defensive Player of the Year three times. With his career success comes a successful love life as well. He and his fiancé, Kealia Ohai got engaged in 2019. Though they were not able to mention when their wedding date would be, we’re sure they have already put in a lot of investments in it.


Talking about long term relationships, Troy Polamalu and his wife, Theodora Holmes, got married in 2005. Troy held his career as part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, winning two Super Bowl Championships with the team. As for his wife, Theodora Holmes, NFL isn’t something new. Her brother, Alex Holmes, is part of the NFL as well. The couple has two sons, Ephraim and Paisios, who sure won’t have any problems with student loans in the future.


Vernon Davis is one of the most loved players in the NFL. He is playing for the Washington Redskins since 2016. However, it was with his previous team, the Denver Broncos, that Vernon tasted victory. They won the Super Bowl 50 championships. Along with him is his partner, Kayla Sortor. They met in DC and eventually got engaged in 2018. His proposal was something big as he even hired skydivers to help him pop the question. With a big yes, their wedding details aren’t announced yet. Given his credit score, they can surely have the grandest wedding they want.


Alex Smith may be an active member of Washington Redskins, but he also played for different teams. He’s played for San Francisco 49ners and Kansas City Chiefs. Despite playing for different teams, his wife, Elizabeth Smith, is one woman who never left her side. Smith herself was also a cheerleader for Oakland Raiders. The duo has been together since 2009, and are still going strong. With the investments she’s made from cheerleading, she decided to transition into a bigger role, by being a full-time mom. She stayed active in her social media account as she already managed to gather more than 18k followers.


Joe Haden managed to make a name in NFL under two Pro Bowls. Though he previously played with Cleveland Browns, he’s been a cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2017. Along with is success, is his happy relationship with his wife, Sarah Mahmoodshahi. They’ve been together since 2017, and are still going strong. The duo managed to keep their personal life private. Their family stays in a peaceful neighborhood where their Ohio property is located. It’s the best investment any father could have.


Christian Ponder started his football career as a quarterback. He played college football at Florida State University before he was drafted. All throughout his NFL career, he played for different teams, such as the Minnesota Vikings and San Fransisco 49ers. He eventually explored other investments and decided to retire. As for his personal life, he’s married to Samantha, who is an ESPN Sports show host. She also managed to hostthe Sunday NFL Countdown. In terms of their estate, the family has residences in both Arizona and New York City.


Adrian Peterson is one of those football players who managed to build his name in the NFL. He’s been playing for the Washington Redskins since 2018. He previously played for Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. Along with his success, is his relationship with his wife, Ashley Brown, whom he shares two kids with. Brown takes the credit for being a successful businesswoman. She runs her own company, Elizabella Cosmetics. The couple also runs an NGO known as the Adrian & Ashley Peterson Family Foundation.


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara are both making huge bucks with their careers. While Wilson thrives on NFL, Ciara, on the other hand, managed to sell more than 23 million records worldwide. They’ve been dating since 2015, where they tied the knot a year after. They have one child together, but Ciara already has a son in her previous relationship with Future, the rapper. By the time 2019 approached, the couple’s net worth increased, allowing them to have more investments as Ciara started to judge in a new show. She became part of America’s Most Musical Family.


Patrick Peterson already earned a name in the football industry. He was able to take part in eight Pro Bowls, as he’s been playing since 2011. A year after launching his professional football career, he tied the knot with Antonique Peterson. She worked as a family physician based in Pheonix. They might still be waiting to have a child, but both focus on each of their careers. Despite his fantastic credit score, Peterson experienced tough times as he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.


More than a decade together, but these two are still madly in love. Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen’s love story may be different as they both met through a blind date. The quarterback and the supermodel met in 2006, where a mutual friend set them up. Three years later, after their first date, the couple tied the knot—credits to their successful careers as they were able to build a concrete future for their boys. Brady’s been playing for New England, the team that won in Superbowl LIII.


Atlanta Falcon’s captain, Matt Ryan is keeping their game strong, and his love life stronger. In 2018, he managed to have his contract extended for another five years. And the amount? Well, it was speculated that it’s around $150 million. With that much cash, credit scores will never be a problem. As for his wife, Sarah Marshall, she stayed with the athlete through good times and the bad. She managed to live a private life, which minimized rumors and whatever Hollywood problems they might encounter.


AJ McCarron might have played with Cincinnati Bengals for the longest time, but he eventually switched team by 2019. He moved to Houston Texans by 2019. With his astounding success, his love life is also something that’s worth the credit. He tied the knot with his wife, Katherine Webb in 2014. With their union, they shared two sons. McCarron may be earning a lot of dime, but Webb also earns on her own. Working as a fashion model, and she was even crowned as Miss Alabama in 2012.


Larry English & Nicole Williams are a well-loved duo. The couple managed to build a huge fan base when their show, Wags, made it on air. Nicole Williams was said to be a show starter, which took place because of her relationship with one of the biggest NFL players, Larry English. She may have starred in reality TV, but she also has her own career. Putting all the credit on her beautiful physique, she also works as a model with a huge following.


Nelson Agholor may be one of the new players, but he does know how to make it big. He started playing for Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, where they managed to win the Super Bowl championship. He may be one of the names on the bachelor’s list, but his girlfriend, Viviana Volpicelli, won his heart. The duo is said to be dating since 2017, and they’ve been inseparable since. Agholor may be earning huge amounts, but Volpicelli managed to throw in investments on her own too. She’s a beauty icon when it comes to skincare, style, glam.


A famous NFL player and the beauty queen? Well, that match may be similar to a fairy tale, but it is true for Osi Umenyiora. Leila Lopes bagged the Miss Universe crown in 2011 after winning titles such as Miss Angola UK and other local pageants. The couple invested their time on each other. They got engaged in 2013 but waited another two years before tying the knot. Though Umenyiora had a great time with his New York Giants team, he eventually retired in 2015.


Brian Quick and Michelle Beltran are among the popular NFL couples after starring in  WAGS—a reality TV series that stands for “Wives and Girlfriends of Sportspersons.” The couple tied the knot in 2015, where they share one child. Prior to their relationship, however, Michelle already has a son with another football player, Joe McKnight. Along with their growing family, their net worth also increased. Michelle holds several investments in her business ventures. Though she already has her own beauty brand, she also invested in a handbag line.


Eleven years and counting, Jim Harbaugh and his wife have been in a loving relationship for more than a decade. Jim used to play for NFL as a quarterback, where he lasted 14 seasons. He played between the period of 1987 until 2001. All throughout his NFL career, he managed to play for different teams, which includes Chicago Bears, and the Indianapolis Colts. Though he shifted career, he’s still within the forte, as he is working as a football coach. As for his wife, Sarah Feuerborn, she’s been her husband’s strong support system as she raises their four children. Having sufficient funds, their kids probably won’t ever have to worry about student loans.


Erick Decker kicked off his NFL career when he was drafted as a wide receiver in 2010. He played for the Denver Broncos. While his career is going great, his personal life is smooth sailing as well. He tied the knot with his wife, Jessie James, in 2013, and have three children together. They share a daughter and two sons. While Decker’s name is already big enough, his wife Jessie James also holds a fair share of fame. Known to be a country singer, she also managed to land hosting stints. While Decker decided to retire in 2018, they managed to put some of their investments in a new home in Nashville.


Earl Tomas plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. Though he started playing football at a young age, his passion for the sport grew all through high school. By the time he reached 20, he was drafted to be part of Seattle Seahawks in 2010. He and his wife, Nina Heisser, have been together since they were in high school. Sharing three children to date, proper money management will significantly help secure their children’s future.


Being called as Big Ben, Roethlisberger plays under the Pittsburgh Steelers as a quarterback. Being a loyal team player, he stayed with the same team since 2004. With his thriving career, he also has a successful relationship with his wife, Ashley Harlan. They tied the knot in 2011, where they’ve been supporting each other ever since. Having several investments, they are set to have a fulfilling life ahead. Aside from being an NFL player, Roethlisberger also guest-hosted in WWE Raw. He and his teammates were also lucky to have a cameo in The Dark Knight Rises.


Marcus Spears built his football career when he was in college. He started at Louisiana State University, where he was eventually drafted by the Dallas Cowboys for the NFL in 2005. For eight straight seasons, he played defensive end for the team. Come 2013, he signed a two-year contract for a different team, the Baltimore Ravens. His life in the field was a success, but he eventually retired by 2014. Through ups and downs, his wife Aiysha Smith stood by him. Smith managed to put up investments of her own while she plays for WNBA in the past. Together with three kids, they are still going strong.


Desmond Bryant, commonly known as Dez Bryant, is a football wide receiver. To date, he is a free agent as he had a leg injury in November 2018. By 2019, he mentioned that he is ready to pursue his career, stating that he is ready to go back to the field. He also shared that he does not have any plans to retire. In terms of his personal life, Bryant is quite happy with his long-term partner, Ilyne Nash. The duo has been together for more than a decade, where they share two children. Nash is a speech pathologist where she managed to juggle being a professional, as well as a wife and mother. With the injury that affected Bryant, we hoped his health insurance has helped him.


NFL Players often marry their high school or college sweethearts, one of which is NaVorro Bowman. He tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend, Mikale Ferguson. Bowman previously played as a linebacker where he stayed for seven seasons with San Francisco 49ners. He then played with Oakland Raiders for one season before retiring in June 2019. At the height of his success, he and his wife surely managed to set aside investment money to get them through post-retirement.


Matthew Forte, a Louisiana native playing as a football running back, has eventually retired. He created a career for himself by playing a total of 10 seasons in the NFL. He started in 2008 under Chicago Bears and played for eight strong years. He then played for more years in different teams, such as the New York Jets and Tulane Green Wave. As for his personal life, he tied the knot with his wife, Danielle Daniels, in 2011. The couple shares three children. Though he already retired, he must have put in some investments to keep them secured.


Tying the knot with his college sweetheart in 2003, Carson Palmer and Shaelyn Palmer are still going strong despite the years. His wife, Shaelyn, was also an athlete as she’s a soccer player under Southern California University. As of this date, she decided to be a hands-on mother where they live in their real estate property in Sun Valley. With a net worth like these sports superstars’, their children probably won’t have any problems with student loans in the future.


Colin Kaepernick is one of the popular names in the NFL. Though one of the most controversial, he still managed to be a free agent for San Francisco 49ers. He and his partner, Nessa Diab, who is a radio host, have been dating since 2015. Known for hosting iHeartRadio Music Festival and MTV’s Girl Code, she does have hefty investments on her own. While they haven’t tied the knot yet, fans can’t help but wish that it will happen real soon.


Talk about long term relationships, Kurt and Brenda Warner have been together for more than two decades. Warner plays for the NFL under three different teams. He was part of St. Louis Rams, New York Giants, and Arizona Cardinals. While he made it big in the world of sports, most of his experience allowed him to gain credit for working hard. He even worked as a night stock clerk in the past. As for Brenda, she previously worked as a Marine Veteran, but she is currently working as a nurse.


He may be one of the youngest players, but David Johnson was drafted by the Northern Iowa Panthers in 2010, and later by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2015. Having a great career while enjoying what he is doing, Johnson managed to sign a $39 million contract. As for his personal life, his wife, Megan Brock, was given credit for being part of the documentary series titled All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals. We’re pretty sure they’re having the time of their lives as they are still going strong.


Talk about puppy love and high school sweethearts, Jordy Nelson and his wife Emily, does have one of the cutest love stories. They tied the knot in 2007, but they’ve been in a relationship for the longest time. They’ve been together since they were in sixth grade but broke up when they reached seventh. The couple eventually got back together when they were in high school. To date, Jordy is a father of three, which includes the daughter that they adopted. Being a Christian family, they managed to invest time in their relationship and their family. Jordy enjoyed his time in the NFL since 2008, where he played for Green Bay Packers. He eventually decided to move forward with his retirement in 2019.


More than ten years together and still going strong. Greg Olsen is one of the NFL players who enjoy being a family man. He started his career while playing football at the University of Miami. He then got drafted to play for Chicago Bears in 2007. Taking the position of being the tight end for the team, he eventually moved to Carolina Panthers. Aside from his football career, he is also known as the founder of Receptions For Research: The Greg Olsen Foundation, a cancer research funding organization. The foundation started in 2009. To date, Olsen is living a happy married life to Kara Dooley and three of their children. With an astounding net worth, student loans will never be an issue.


Starting his career in his high school football team, Derek Carr worked his way up to where he is now. As of this date, he plays as a quarterback for the Oakland Raiders under the NFL since 2014. Part of his inspiration was his brother, David Carr, who also was an NFL quarterback. Talking about serendipity, he met his future wife, Heather Neel, at a restaurant. Neel worked as a waitress for the place, and the duo eventually fell in love. They then tied the knot in June 2012. The couple shares three sons. Having a huge net worth, they will no longer have issues when it comes to credit loans and other financial woes.


Charles Tillman is one of the biggest names in the NFL. He played under Chicago Bears and also with the Carolina Panthers. Though he retired from Football early, he pursued a different career path. He managed to earn a badge as an FBI agent. At the height of his career, he met the person who’d keep him company, Jackie Tillman. They tied the knot in 2005. They share four children, with three daughters and a son. The couple put a portion of their money as investment for research in the medical field through their the Cornerstone Foundation. They aim to help sick children in Chicago after their youngest daughter suffered from a sickness that required a heart transplant.


Rodney Peete and Holly Robinson are one of those celebrity power couples. While Rodney is known as an NFL quarterback, Holly, on the other hand, is a singer. When Robinson was asked what kept their relationship strong, she mentioned that their 20-second hug allowed them to form a strong bond. She added that the other person must allow the hug, even if the other does not feel like it. Things worked out great in the NFL for Rodney, but he eventually ended his football career. He now gets credit for working as a co-host in the radio show, NBA Lunch Time with Roggin and Rodney.


Dashon Goldson & Ashley North managed to stay together, even through the tough times. In their over ten years of union, the couple shares two daughters. Although they haven’t tied the knot yet, the engaged couple considers family time as one of their most significant investments. Goldson already retired from the NFL. But at the span of his stay, he managed to play for Francisco 49ers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins, and Atlanta Falcons.


Seven years and counting. Corey Liuget and Faven Liuget are still going strong. Corey, who started his football career back in college, played in Illinois. He then got drafted under the San Diego Chargers in 2011, which was his NFL team for many years. He then signed under the Buffalo Bills by 2019. Corey and Faven managed to live their life discreetly. They’ve been mum about their wedding, yet they are still going strong through the years with two children. With Corey’s income, credit scores would not be an issue when it comes to their finances.


Though they didn’t have a legally binding union, Tony and October Gonzalez managed to stay in a loving relationship. Unlike most couples, they preferred to have a commitment ceremony instead of having a marriage. What the couple chose to do seem to work, as they look happy and thriving together. To date, Tony has a total of four children, including his one from a previous relationship. Today, he works for CBC’s tv show, The NFL Today. Though he may not be on the field often, he credits the majority of his success during his NFL career.

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