Questions You Need To Ask Your Real Estate Attorney

Selling your home will make sure that the money will be in your bank account soon. Unfortunately, some people tend to lose a lot of money when selling their homes due to hiring the wrong real estate attorney. That is why getting to know the attorney first will help you see if he is the right one or one that will only rip you off.

So I’ve rounded the questions that you need to ask your real estate attorney to ensure that you’re hiring the right one for your home or any real estate.

1. Fee and Inclusions

The first thing that you need to ask that real estate attorney that you’re eyeing is his fee and other inclusions. Remember that no attorney is the same, so it is best to ask the ones that you are considering. There are attorneys that charge per hour, while there are also ones who have a fixed rate.

Attorney’s services are different, including title and loan commitments, revising contracts, verifying charges (if fair and correct), closing documents, handing the title, and searching for lines. Some services include confirming the company’s title is completed and answering and addressing any concerns.

2. How Much Do You Practice Real Estate Cases

A lot of people don’t check the real estate attorney’s year of practice when it comes to real estate. But what they don’t know is that this is very important. You can’t just get any lawyer that you come across, and you just can’t hire someone who works for 20 years but only practiced real estate cases for two years. The reason behind this is because real estate is a little complicated.

You need to make sure that he knows the ins and outs of the real estate. Also, you need to make sure that he has a lot of experience dealing with real estate. A well-versed attorney will surely make things easier for you.

3. How Much Value Does He Offer

You also need to make sure that you’re paying a real estate attorney that has real value for your estate. Usually, a valuable attorney should have their language and forms for the real estate sale. He should also have his own unique characteristics that don’t look like a routine.

You can ask him about these things because if your attorney only has the standard way of transacting, then he might not be that valuable to you. It would be best to find someone who has excellent and different characteristics than the rest.

4. What Issues To Expect

Both the buyers and the sellers should talk to their attorneys comfortable about resolving certain issues that may arise. Some of the things that you need to talk about are appraisal issues, resolution when it comes to title issues, and as well as repair disputes.

Having a real estate attorney is essential because it will help you to have someone review every contract that you will get before signing it. Contracts are part of real estate, so expecting them is also necessary.

5. Who Will Work On The Case

Some real estate attorneys will let paralegals or junior attorneys to do the work. You need to do this upfront and even before hiring him. If he is, then you need to know them and be introduced to the people who will work on your real estate. Knowing the people who are working with your attorney is also important.


These are all of the information that you need to ask your real estate attorney even before hiring him. These questions will help you get to know him and will help you decide if he is the one for your real estate or not.

Based on Materials from Owners.Com
Photo Sources: Newsday, Lake Martin Estate, Law Firm of Dayrel Sewell