Different Grounds For Divorce That You Should Know

Based on a survey, 50% of marriages in the USA alone end in divorce. Whether you have already tried your best to make things work, there will always come a time that there’s nothing left to do but call it quits. If both of you didn’t do anything and you’re just going to file for divorce, you can file a No-Fault Divorce. This just means that both parties no longer want to be married to each other.

But, if one of you does not want to file for a divorce, then a Fault Divorce is what you’re going to have. This means that you need to have a specific reason or reasons for filing. Below are the different grounds for divorce that you can use.

Physical or Emotional Abuse

Any kind of domestic abuse, be it a psychological, physical, or emotional abuse, can be grounds for a divorce. Any threatening language or behavior can also be used as part of abuse.


Abandonment can also be a ground for divorce. If your spouse is not physically present, then that can be used as a ground for divorce. But if your spouse is there but has emotionally abandoned you, then that can also be a ground for divorce. Anything that makes you feel like your spouse left you can be categorized as abandonment.


If your spouse committed adultery while the two of you are still married, then this can be a ground for divorce. This ground will not impact child custody and properties. However, if the unfaithful spouse used any of your marital assets during his or her adulterous relationship, then this may have an impact on the property.

Addiction and Alcoholism

Addiction and Alcoholism can impact child custody and as well as marital assets. The reason behind this is because an addiction can affect the couple’s financial situation. Also, if the spouse has an addiction or is an alcoholic, it can make the spouse an irresponsible parent. This can certainly impact child visitation and custody.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual misconduct includes using sex as the spouse’s weapon against
you. Any unwelcome sexual behavior, including pedophilia, coercion, manipulation, intimidation, and rape can be grounds for divorce. This can also impact child custody.

Mental Illness

Another ground for divorce is mental illness, which can be very complicated. This will be based on how serious mental illness is. But you shouldn’t worry because every case will be examined carefully.

Sexual Orientation

Of course, if one of you isn’t compatible because of sexual orientation, it can be used as a ground for divorce.


Infertility is a ground for divorce, but this is still being questioned by a lot of states. This can only be used as a ground for divorce if your spouse did not disclose any infertility issues with you before marriage.


These are the grounds for divorce that you can use if you want to end your marriage. Just make sure that you have solid proof on any ground when filing for it.

Based on Materials from Divorce And Your Money
Photo Sources: Avvo Stories, Ars Technica, The Hits