The roles of an immigration lawyer can be unique compared to other kinds of lawyers. The majority of the immigration lawyers will spend a lot of their time assisting other people who are dealing with their immigration requirements.

An immigration lawyer is usually a counselor or an advisor to immigrants and other foreign citizens who are interacting with the authorities of US immigration. They provide guidance and advice for different matters, including employment for non-citizens, deportation issues, naturalization, citizenship, green cards, and visa applications.

What Situations Where An Immigration Lawyer Is Needed

Usually, an individual will start hiring an immigration lawyer to help them with submitting their application for different immigration documents, including a green card or a visa. This is ideal if the individual is having a hard time understanding all of the requirements of the immigration law.

Here are some of the instances where an immigration lawyer is needed:

Migrating to the US with the Entire Family

If you are migrating to the US with the entire family, you might consider hiring an immigration lawyer. This is especially if you have children who are under 21 years old. Having an immigration lawyer will help you with the best method for your children.

Adjusting A Resident Status

If you have been divorced and recently got married, adjusting a resident status in the US may become a problem. The reason behind this is because you might be suspected of a scam. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you prove that your first marriage was a legitimate one.

Seeking Employment-Based Visa

One of the things where an immigration lawyer would be useful is when you are looking for an employment-based visa. The process for this kind of visa can be very complicated. But with an immigration lawyer, your future employer will fulfill all of their obligations to you as an immigrant worker.

Unreasonable Waiting On Application Process

Immigration lawyers are very familiar with the application process in the immigration process, which includes waiting times and deadlines. An immigration lawyer can help you rush the processing and gain expedited.

Medical Conditions Of The Applicant

Certain medical conditions may prevent the person from obtaining entry into the US. If a person has some contagious disease, then this means that hiring an immigration lawyer may help.

Deported or Excluded Entry In The US

If you have been deported or excluded from entering the US, it may mean that your future applications may be barred. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help give you advice on the different effects of exclusion and deportation.

Applications Have Been Denied

Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you know why your application got denied. It is also possible for them to know if appealing your application or at least re-applying in the future is possible.

Convicted of Crime

Now, if you have been convicted of any crime, you will have to put that in your form. This is because the majority of the forms in the USCIS will ask whether you have been convicted of a crime. You need to make sure to disclose everything and your entire criminal record. Yes, even the ones that were expunged and dropped. You can also hire a criminal lawyer besides an immigration lawyer because they can also practice this kind of law.


These are all of the information that you need to know about hiring an immigration lawyer. Remember that you can’t just hire an immigration lawyer just because you need a lawyer, it would be best to hire them because your issues are related to immigrations.

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