Effective Weight Loss Methods From The Brightest Hollywood Stars


Jojo is a famous American singer, songwriter and actress. Raised in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The following year, JoJo released her first studio album of the same name in June 2004. Ranked fourth in the Billboard 200 in the United States, and currently sells more than 4 million copies worldwide. JoJo’s first single “Leave” reached the top of the Billboard Pop song chart in the United States, becoming the youngest solo singer in history, ranking first at the age of 13. After signing a deal with a recording company, Jojo was obliged to strictly follow a 500-calorie diet each day.

She also underwent HCG injections to help with her weight. She was only 17 years old at that time and it affected her body, and instead of losing weight, she ended up gaining more weight. Her mother learned about her diet and the injections and made her stop. Fortunately, Jojo is now back on her perfect and healthy body and is still in the singing industry. She credits her mother for helping her achieve a healthy body without depriving herself of the right nutrients that she needs.


Timothy Spall is an English actor and occasional presenter. He played Barry Spencer Taylor in the 1983 ITV comedy-drama “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet”, which make him became a household name in the UK. When Timothy Spall transformed his body, everyone was surprised when he graced the Venice Film Festival back in 2016. There were rumors that he suffered an illness, which caused his weight loss.

But when asked, he credits his healthy diet for achieving his current weight. He also exercised along with his diet, while also avoiding drinking alcohol. With his perseverance and determination, he lost a total of 60 pounds and now looks healthier than ever. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his weight for good as his fans would love to see more of him on the big screen soon.


Jennifer Gimenez is a famous actress, model, and reality TV personality. She a net worth of $2 million. Jennifer Gimenez was born in the United States, spent her childhood in Argentina, and then returned to the United States at the age of six. But according to some rumors, for her to stay in the world of modeling, she needs to follow a diet that’s not ideal and spend long hours working out at the gym.

The stress that she had experience with this weight-loss method, led her to use drugs. Jennifer suffered from both drug abuse and alcohol addiction for several years. Fortunately, she decided to undergo a rehab program, which helped her become clean. But this caused her to gain a total of 263 pounds. Credits to her determination because she lost 100 pounds with a proper diet plan.


Yvette Marie Stevens, known by her stage name Chaka Khan, is an American musician, singer and songwriter. She started her career nearly five decades since the 1970s when he was the lead singer of the funk band Rufus. Khan is known as the “Queen of Funk” and is the first R&B singer to be praised by a rap singer. He wrote, “For You” in 1984. Khan has won ten Grammy Awards and is estimated to have sold 70 million records worldwide. Chaka Khan is the voice behind Through The Fire, which is a hit song up until today.

Unfortunately, she struggled not only with her weight but with alcoholism and substance abuse as well. The Queen of Funk was diagnosed with both blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, which made her think about her weight. At 66 years old, she started following a healthy, unconditional, and strict routine. This helped her lose weight and have a great physique. Credits to her healthier diet, wherein she removed meat and dairy products, that she lost a total of 60 pounds. She definitely looks healthier now that she has lost weight.


Wayne Elliot Knight was born on August 7, 1955. He is an American actor and comedian. He has a net worth of $8 million dollars. In television, he is known for playing Newman in Seinfeld (1992–1998) and Officer Don Orville in 3rd Rock from the Sun. Wayne Knight is a comedian, voice artist, and a good actor. He is best known as Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park and Newman in Seinfeld.

When he was portraying Newman, he was known as the chubby and good neighbor of Jerry. But he decided to change his chubby physique so he started adopting a healthier lifestyle. He decided to take things in moderation and changed his eating habits. Wayne also stopped drinking and smoking, which helped him lose a total of 40 pounds. Credits to his determination because he’s no longer known as the chubby guy.


Abby Lee Miller is known as the curvaceous choreographer and hot dancer in Dance Moms. Abby Lee Miller inherited her love of dance from her mother and founded her own company at the age of 14. By 1980, she had her own studio. In 2011, she became a star with her lifelong show “Dance Moms”, following Miller, her students and their diva parents. She lost weight drastically when she noticed how her weight is causing her health problems.

Besides having health problems, she also spent time in prison because of bankruptcy fraud. During her time in prison, she has already lost a total of 100 pounds. Now at the age of 53, Abby is looking healthier and more beautiful than before. Credits to her determination and perseverance because she managed to lose weight to improve her health. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her great physique and keep her health in check.


Vince Vaughn is an American actor, screenwriter, comedian and producer with a net worth of $70 million. He always plays slobbish but likable characters. Vince Vaughn is known as one of the funniest and best comedians in the world of Hollywood. He is also known as a fast talker and for his amazing wit, which you can watch in his blockbuster movies such as Unfinished Business, The Dilemma, Wedding Crashers, Starsky & Hutch, Old School, and Zoolander.

Vince started his career in the ‘80s but became popular thanks to his movie, Swingers back in 1996. But, with his increasing popularity, he also started gaining weight. Fortunately, he immediately noticed this and decided to follow a healthy diet to help him lose weight. He also credits running as it also helped him shed the extra pounds.


Carnie Wilson is an American singer and TV presenter with a net worth of $24 million. Carnie Wilson was born in April 1968 and is known for her singing career at Wilson Phillips, a popular music group that was very popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Carnie Wilson is the daughter of the Beach Boys founder and musician Brian Wilson, and it’s not surprising that she also entered the music industry.

She was part of the group called Wilson Phillips, and when it got disbanded, she started gaining more weight. She’s been struggling with obesity her entire life so she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately, she had to get a lap-band procedure as well because she still had a hard time following a healthy diet. It definitely worked for her because at age 51, she’s looking young, gorgeous, and healthy. She deserves all the credit for her efforts.


Mama June is known to everyone as someone who was heavily built. As an adult, June struggled with morbid obesity, with the heaviest weight reaching 460 pounds. She subsequently underwent bariatric surgery, and in 2016 underwent sleeve gastrectomy, which removed part of her stomach. According to reports, she lost 300 pounds due to surgery, diet and the help of personal trainer Kenya Crooks. In addition to losing weight, she also underwent cosmetic surgery and reportedly spent $75,000 to further improve her appearance.

But she decided to change this perception, so she underwent different weight-loss surgeries. In 2016, she underwent a gastric sleeve surgery and combined it with a healthy diet and training. But she got bothered with her excess weight so she went under the knife again. Besides the weight-loss procedures that she had, she also credits all the emotional support she received and her hard work to achieve her weight goal. Now at 40 years old, Mama June is a stunning size 4.


Roseanne Barr is best known as a TV producer, writer, comedian, and actress. Her net worth in 2018 is approximately $80 million. Barr started her career as a stand-up comedy and was widely praised in the TV sitcom Roseanne. But she started as a stand-up comedian actress before she gained popularity in her TV show, Roseanne. In fact, she earned both a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy for best actress.

Along with her success, she also decided to turn things around with her health when she underwent gastric bypass surgery. She credits this procedure for helping her lose a total of 350 pounds. To ensure that she won’t gain the weight back, she started following a healthy protein-rich diet along with Garcinia Cambogia pills. Just look at how gorgeous Roseanne is now with her great physique.


Jordin Brianna Sparks is an American singer, songwriter and actress. After winning the sixth season of American Idol at the age of 17, she became famous in 2007 and became the youngest winner in the history of the series. She is one of the most successful American Idol players of all time. Jordin Sparks is the daughter of Philippi Sparks, a former NFL player. She made her own name and gained popularity when she became the winner of American Idol Season 6 back in 2007.

At that time, she was 17 years old, which helped her set a record as the youngest grand winner in the history of the show. Along with her gaining popularity is her weight gain. So she immediately started following a healthy diet and combined this with exercise, which she does five times every week. She credits her determination and perseverance because they made her lose a total of 50 pounds.


Christian Philip Bale is a British actor. Bell is known for his versatility and superb acting methods, and is considered one of the best actors of his generation. He is the recipient of many awards including the Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards, and he was among the best in the 2011 “Times 100” list. They have two children. Christian Bale is best known for being able to adopt different body shapes depending on his roles in movies.

In fact, when he filmed the movie, Reign of Fire, back in 2002, he gained around 190 pounds. After two years, he then had to lose weight for the movie, The Machinist, so he lost 70 pounds. But in 2013, he again needed to gain weight for his movie, American Hustle. He credits his motivation, diet, and intense workout for helping him lose and gain weight when needed. Hopefully, his rapid losing and gaining won’t harm his overall health.


Sara Rue is an American actress. She has a net worth of $1 million. She starred in the TV series for the first time in the NBC sitcom Grand in 1990, depicting the self-regulation and self-owned daughter of a single mother. Her performances are known as Carmen Ferrara in “Popular” and Claude Casey in “Less than Perfect”. Sara Rue is best known as a TV show host of Shedding for the Wedding. She has also created a weight loss program to lose weight.

She decided to craft a well-thought-of diet and workout, which will be ideal for the body, strength, and health. One of the best things about the diet that she created is that it is very doable and everyone can simply follow it. In fact, using her crafted diet, she lost 50 pounds. She credits her determination and motivation because, without these, she won’t be able to craft a weight loss program that everyone can easily follow.


Graham Elliot Bowles is an American chef, restaurant owner and reality TV personality. He was recognized by the restaurant industry for the first time and was nominated for the James Beard Award three times. In 2004, he was named “Best New Chef” by “Food & Wine” and became the youngest chef in the United States, receiving four-star awards from major publications. MasterChef Graham Elliot has been battling weight problems since he was a kid.

He experienced a lot of difficulties when getting out or riding the car, tying his shoes, and even when playing with his kids. This is when he decided that he needs to undergo surgery, not only for himself but as well as for his family. In 2013, he underwent gastrectomy surgery and lost 150 pounds from his original weight of 400 pounds. Right after his surgery, he followed a weight loss journey, which includes a religious workout and a strict diet. Graham credits his family as his motivation for losing weight.


Lisa Lampanelli is a former American stand-up comedian, actress and insulting cartoon. Most of her works are civilized, have a sense of national humor, and focus on various types of minority groups, the most important being ethnic minorities and LGBT communities. Lisa Lampanelli has always been overweight but in 2012, she decided to undergo lap-band surgery.

After the surgery, she lost a total of 100 pounds and made sure to take things around when it comes to her lifestyle. She started eating healthier meals and working out, which according to her, played a huge role in ensuring that she won’t gain all the weight back. She may be a self-proclaimed food addict, but now, she credits her discipline and perseverance because she was able to get rid of all her unhealthy snacks. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her great physique.


Rex Ashley Ryan is a former American football coach and television analyst. Ryan was the head coach of the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League (NFL), and has held various coaching positions with eight other NFL and college teams. You probably have heard of Rex Ryan after all of the controversies that surrounded him. But in 2012, he again made the headlines but for an entirely different reason.

The former football coach became a hot topic because of his 348-pound weight. So he decided to undergo a lap-band procedure, which he also credits because it helped him lose 100 pounds. Back in 2010, he also underwent gastric sleeve surgery since the diet plans that he had tried didn’t work. Currently, he is 56 and looks healthier than ever. Hopefully, he’d be able to maintain a healthy weight for himself and his family.


Joell Christopher Ortiz is an American rapper and a member of the slaughterhouse organization. Ortiz grew up in the Cooper Park residence in the East Williamsburg district of Brooklyn, New York, and previously signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment record company. He served as a feature report in the “Unsigned Hype” column of the “Source” magazine in the March 2004 issue and was also selected as the chairman of the board by “XXL” magazine.

Joell Ortiz is one of the most famous rappers in his generation, and in 2014, he decided that it’s time for him to lose weight. He started working out to shed some pounds so he can start building muscles. He began eating healthy meals while also exercising every day. Everything seemed to have worked because he lost a total of 60 pounds, and credits his diet for it. Everyone was surprised at how buff he looks right now. Currently, Joell wants to maintain his healthy and fit figure by living and eating healthily. Due to his successful weight loss journey, he became an inspiration to many. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his fit figure for good.


Lavell William Crump is known professionally as David Banner. She is an American rapper, record producer and actress. He has a net worth of $12 million dollars.  He started his music career as a member of the Crooked Lettaz rap duo. David Banner used to have a very unhealthy diet until his weight reached a total of 255 pounds.

His unhealthy lifestyle took a toll on him because he suffered from high blood pressure, and that’s when he realized that he needed to do something. David started to change his eating habits and his lifestyle, by consuming foods with low calories. To also ensure the success of his weight loss journey, he worked out regularly. Well, credits to his determination because he lost a total of 50 pounds. He currently has a fit and healthy body, that we hope he’ll be able to maintain for good.


Kate Elizabeth Winslet CBE is a British actress. She is known for her dramatic works and often portrays anxious women. Winslet has received various honors, including three British Oscars for film awards, and is one of the few performers to win Oscars, Emmys and Grammys. Kate Winslet is blessed with three beautiful children, which also caused her body to transform at different times.

She was even severely obese during her teenage years and was always bullied because of her body. But she was determined to lose weight, and when she did, everyone was stunned by her body transformation. Up until now, it is unknown as to what Kate did to lose all her excess weight, but whatever it is, it sure did work. Credits to her determination because without it, she might not reach the healthy and fit body that she has now. We are hoping to see more of her in the entertainment industry soon.


Jennifer Yvette Holliday is an American singer and actress. Her music career began on Broadway. She is famous for her debut single, Dreamgirls number and R&B/pop song “And I Telling You I’m Going”, for which she won a Grammy Award in 1983. She also won the Tony Dreamgirls Award in 1982. Jennifer Holliday is the original Dreamgirl who also suffered from weight gain. She used to say that her weight gain is due to her mood swings.

She decided to leave the industry and attempt suicide because of her clinical depression. But she knew that she needed to do something to change her life so she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. She credits her surgery because it helped her lose 124 pounds. Now at 58 years old, she’s back in the music industry and has a great physique. Hopefully, she will be able to maintain her healthy weight for good.


Deborah Voigt is an American dramatic soprano who suffered from weight gain, reaching 350 pounds. Deborah Voigt is famous for the Metropolitan Opera HD Live (2006), La Gioconda (2005) and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (2004). Her total net worth at the moment 2020 year – is about $28,8 Million. This made her a subject of fat-shaming, despite her beautiful voice.

All these made her decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure in 2005 and credits it for helping her lose 135 pounds. According to her, for the first time, she finally got to fit in the plane of a narrow bathroom. Currently, at 59 years old, she now looks gorgeous and as fit as before. She now teaches at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and loves what she’s doing. According to her, she has a lot of lessons to share with her students that can help them with music.


John Patrick Daly is a professional golfer on the US PGA Tour. Daly is mainly known for his driving distance on the teeing ground, his appearance and attitude in non-country clubs, his unusually long backswing, his unstable game and his personal life. His two biggest achievements on the court were his victory in the 1991 PGA Championship with “zero heroes” and his victory in the playoffs by defeating Costantino Rocca in the 1995 Open. John Daly weighs 280 to 300 pounds and when he decided to shed some weight, he decided to create his own weight-loss plan.

Unfortunately, his weight-loss plan included a very unhealthy diet plan, where cigarettes, popcorn, and whiskey are included. This is a bad diet plan because he decided to make an investment in 2008 and underwent a lap-band surgery. The surgery helped him remove all his excess fats. He lost a total of 115 pounds right after the procedure but also lost strength in his muscles. Despite this complication, he still feels better about losing weight because he feels lighter now.


Khalilah Camacho Ali is an American actress, also known for being the former wife of boxer Muhammad Ali. He has an estimated net worth of $80 million, according to Forbes. Khaliah Ali is the daughter of the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali. She suffered from weight gain since she weighs 325 pounds. What pressured her to start losing weight was that she’s the daughter of a famous boxer, so she decided to turn things around when it comes to her weight.

She decided to follow the yo-yo diet but still got criticized most of the time. This is why she made an investment and underwent gastric band surgery in 2004. Fortunately, the procedure made wonders for her body as it helped her lose all her excess weight. Hopefully, she’d be able to maintain her great physique for good.


Anne Margaret Diamond is a British journalist and broadcaster. She also hosted a morning radio show called BBC Berkshire Radio. Anne Diamond who is a 65-year-old American broadcaster has always suffered from weight gain. That is why in 2005, she decided to undergo a lap-band procedure and other known surgeries that can help her lose weight.

Besides the lap-band surgery, she also made an investment and underwent a gastric band surgery. She is very much aware that undergoing surgery won’t turn anyone into an Angelina Jolie overnight, so she also made some changes in her lifestyle. She started eating a healthy diet to maintain her healthy weight for good. Diamond has been a frequent visitor of The Wright Stuff since 2003 and has served as the host of its successor, Jeremy Vine, since 2018.


He is a professional and essay writer in the show business, once and for all in Information Weekly. Mikey Robins’ net asset value is $300,000. Mikey Robins already lost his father when he was just 10 years old, which resulted in emotional eating. This habit also includes having an uncontrollable lifestyle where he gained weight.

But when he made a career as a media personality and started becoming popular, he decided that it’s time to lose weight. Exercising won’t help him lose all his excess pounds, so he made an investment and underwent a lap-band surgery. Just a few months after his surgery, he has already lost a total of 143 pounds. Currently, Mikey is 57 years old and is now enjoying his career as a comedian and famous writer.


Charles Joseph Weis Sr. is a former American football coach. From 2005 to 2009, he was the head coach of Notre Dame Fighting Irish. After two more abyssal seasons, Jayhawks bought him and was eventually acquired for $5.6 million. Charlie Weis underwent gastric sleeve surgery, wherein instead of a success story, he had a different experience. The surgery almost killed him, so he hired a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractices.

He sued two cosmetic surgeons who said that it was Charlie’s fault for not wanting to undergo a pre-surgery examination. This placed his life in danger during the surgery, wherein he suffered septic shock, bleeding, acute respiratory syndrome, and leg problems. After all these, he resumed his career and was able to win a second Super Bowl and landed the Notre Dame job.


Paula Deen always suffered from being overweight and got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. She decided to turn things around so she followed a personalized weight-loss program, which included an exercise regimen and a healthy diet to lose weight. Her weight loss journey became a success wherein she managed to lose a total of 40 pounds.

To help inspire others, she starts writing a book entitled, “Paula Deen Cuts The Fat: 250 Recipes Lightened Up,” where she shared some of her tips on how one can lose weight. Hopefully, she can do some online classes to help more people get inspired to lose weight. Now Deen lives in Savannah, Georgia, and owns and operates The Lady & Sons restaurant and Paula Deen’s Creek House with her sons Jamie and Bobby Deen. She’s been able to maintain a net worth of $14 million.


If the singer and composer Patti Austin is not talented, it would be surprising, because her musical pedigree is impressive and she has already been exposed to some of the most trendsetting artists of the 20th century. Austin is still one of the most prolific musical talents of our time. Patti Austin is best known as someone who suffered numerous health issues.

Besides her weight loss problems, she also has asthma, type 2 diabetes, and coronary artery disease. Her doctors advised her to lose weight and to help her solve the weight problem, she underwent gastric bypass surgery. Fortunately for her, the procedure was a success and she lost a total of 120 pounds. Currently, she weighs 180 pounds and continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With all the health issues that she has, she definitely should get health insurance.


Maybe many people do not know Stephen Goodman is a professional singer. John Goodman is an American actor who is known to play voice roles in the movies Monster University and Monsters, Inc. He played Dan Conner in the ABC TV series “Rosanna”, and won the 1993 Golden Globe Award for Best Actor for this reason. He also played the role in the sequel “Conners”.

His weight may have helped his career to blossom, but he knows that it is never a good idea to stay overweight. To help him lose weight, he hired a personal trainer and started following a well-balanced diet. Credits to his motivation and perseverance because he lost a total of 100 pounds. Currently, at 67 years old, he is still in the acting industry and recently played the role of Dan Connor in 2018. Hopefully, he’d be able to maintain his healthy weight for good.


Lavell Maurice Crawford is an American comedian and actor. He has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars. He is known for playing Huell Babineaux. He also played Gus Patch in the Netflix original movie “The Absurd 6”. Lavell Crawford is popularly known as the muscle and bodyguard of Saul Goodman in the television series Breaking Bad.

He has been overweight for decades and when he realized the health dangers of being obese, he started to take things around. Lavell decided to lose weight and undergo a gastric sleeve surgery. He opted for a procedure because he said that diet and working out will never work for him. Credits to the surgery because it worked successfully for him, where he lost a total of 120 pounds. Now at 50 years old, we’re hoping that he can maintain his healthy weight for good.


Delta Ramona Leah Burke is an American actress, producer and writer. From 1986 to 1991, she played Suzanne Sugarbaker in the CBS sitcom “Design Women”, for which she was nominated for two Emmy Awards for best actress in a comedy series. Delta Burke is best known for having one of the best figures of her generation. She maintained her figure as she was joining different beauty pageants at that time. She even won the title of Miss Florida in 1974.

Unfortunately, she suffered from an eating disorder, which resulted in her weight gain. The media started making harsh comments about her weight and she was later diagnosed with diabetes. She decided to lose weight so she adopted a healthier lifestyle, complete with proper diet and exercise. Credits to her determination because she lost 65 pounds. Now at 63 years old, she is still as fit and as gorgeous as ever. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her weight for good.


Randall Darius Jackson is an American bassist, singer, record producer, entrepreneur and TV personality. He has a net worth of $50 million. Jackson’s career began in the 1980s when he was a conversation musician, playing bass guitar for numerous jazz, pop, rock and R&B performers. Randy Jackson has always been heavyweight until everyone saw him with a slimmer body.

When he appeared in 2004 as a judge in American Idol, he surprised everyone with his new physique. He revealed that when he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he knew that it’s time to lose some weight. That is why in 2003, he underwent gastric bypass surgery. It was a success because he lost a lot of weight, but only to gain it again. Well, credits the weight loss program that his dietician made for him because it helped him to finally lose weight for good.


Christopher David Moyles is the host of British radio and TV shows, and the author and host of the Chris Moyles show on Radio Ten. He has a net worth of $20 million dollars. Chris Moyles is just one of the many obese celebrities of his generation. Fortunately, he realized the danger that comes from being obese. He left his job at BBC Radio 1 and adopted a healthier lifestyle.

Chris started eliminating junk food from his diet and began working out to lose weight. Credits to his determination and perseverance, he finally lost a total of 70 pounds. He became an inspiration to many because of how he lost weight just by eating healthy and exercising. Currently, at 45 years old, he continues to live healthier and uses running to keep himself fit and healthy. Hopefully, he’d be able to maintain his weight for good.


Eugenie Ann “Genie” Francis is an American actress. Since 1977, she has been known for the role of Laura Spencer in the TV soap opera General Hospital, for which she won the Daytime Emmy Award in 2007. Genie Francis is just one of the luckiest people who can lose weight easily whenever she wants. She credits her workout and proper diet because she lost a total of 55 pounds.

Of course, to ensure that her weight-loss journey will become a success, she decided to hire a personal trainer to help her lose weight. She followed all the nutritional recommendations and eventually lost all of her excess weight. Of course, without motivation and determination, she probably won’t be able to lose weight. Now at 57 years old, Genie still maintains her healthy weight and always makes sure that she eats healthy and works out every day.


Corey Harrison has always been an overweight person and he even reached 400 pounds. Due to his weight, his health started falling, which made him decide to undergo a gastric band procedure. Fortunately, it did wonders for him because he lost a total of 150 pounds. After his procedure, he started following a healthy diet and adopted an exercise regimen to keep him not only lean but also buff. Currently, at 36 years old, Corey keeps his body buff by working out every day.

He became an inspiration to many simply because he lost a lot of weight and is now living a healthier lifestyle. Corey is also known as “the big hoss” in the entertainment industry. There is no denying the Corey looks handsome at any weight, shape, and size. In his mind, we were guessing his priority was his health. He is also big on the ladies; he has one of the most solid lady fan bases in Hollywood. All the credit to this bad-boy and his hot looks, mixed with a good boy attitude.


Kristen Vangsness is best known as Penelope Garcia, an FBI Technical Analyst, in the CBS drama series Criminal Minds. She used to be overweight but decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle to lose weight. Kristen hired a personal trainer who helped her follow a workout regimen and a new healthy diet. Now at 47 years old, she’s enjoying her slim figure and her new healthy lifestyle, which we can credit her determination and perseverance for it.

Currently, she is engaged to Keith Hanson, but there is no news yet as to when their wedding will be. Whenever that is, we are wishing her the best that life has to offer. Kristen’s character in the hit crime show is pretty much like herself in person. She played the unapologetic yet innocent Penelope Garcia. She always expresses herself through colors and art, also, by living in her sweet space. Aside from being an actress, Kristen also participates in philanthropy and some of the LGBT events. She sure knows how to invest her time in things she is passionate about in life.


Caitlin Van Zandt rose to fame when she landed the role of Allegra Marie Sacrimoni in the HBO series The Sopranos. Just like other celebrities on our list, she also used to be overweight. But she decided to turn things around and lose some extra pounds. She started exercising and adopted a healthy diet. Unfortunately, both didn’t work for her so she decided to undergo a lap-band surgery, which she credits because she lost a total of 90 pounds. Now at 34 years old, Caitlin looks stunning as ever with her fit and healthy physique.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her healthy weight for good. Even though the blonde beauty has always been on the bigger side most of her career, she reached a point where she couldn’t take gaining another set of pounds anymore. You’d be surprised how much comments can either discourage or encourage a famous person. Sometimes, it’s both. After being discouraged come the effects of being inspired and the feeling of becoming stronger. All credits to Caitlin for she invested her time in a much more positive and healthier way.


Frankie Essex’s breakup with John Lyon took a toll on her health. She turned to alcohol and food to help her cope with it, which made her gain weight. Fortunately, she noticed the changes in her body and decided to change her lifestyle into a healthy one. Frankie immediately stopped drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy food. During her trip to Ibiza, she let gave everyone a glimpse of her new gorgeous figure, which wowed them. She credits her lifestyle change for her successful weight loss journey, where she lost a total of 30 pounds.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her fit and healthy physique for good. She even had a TV show to show people her weight loss journey and how she is now maintaining it. Let’s just say she is not at all greedy since she decided to show her tips and secrets to the world. She is also very inspiring and she’s served as a role model for many now, which includes most people who were going through the same thing she was. She deserves all the credit for the courage and positivity that she has been showing.


Kirstie Allsopp has always had a big yet curvaceous body and due to her busy schedule, she didn’t think too much about her health. But when she turned 40 years old, she started gaining more pounds. When she noticed this, she decided to seek the help of a nutritionist, Amelia Freer, for advice. Kristie started eliminating processed foods and sugar from her diet. She also credits both Zumba and Pilates for her weight loss. We are not sure how much weight she lost, but by the looks of it, her diet and physical activities worked perfectly for her.

Zumba and Pilates are two very opposite ways of sweating, yet a perfect match when combined. Kristie is a genius for coming up with this. There is the Zumba which is mainly for dancing and getting hyped up, also, feeling excited. Then, there’s Pilates which is mainly for stretching and calming. The brunette beauty looks not only healthier but happier as well. All the credit to her motivation, her creativity, and her inspiration in life a.k.a. her long-time partner who is equally as gorgeous as she is.


Drew Barrymore is one of the most successful American actresses of her generation. She’s always been fit, but when her fans saw her gain weight, everyone was shocked. So she decided to lose her excess fats by dieting. She started losing weight when she filmed Santa Clarita Diet, which is a Netflix original series. Drew followed Kimberly Snyder’s techniques, where the diet is based on low carbs. She credits this diet because it helped her lose 20 pounds and look fitter than before. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her healthy weight for good.

We would love to see more of her soon. Drew is one of the many actresses who is always named best dressed for any red carpet events and galas. She starred alongside huge actors for her timeless rom-com movies; one of these actors is Adam Sandler. Sandler and Drew have worked together in more than two films, and in real life, Sandler actually helped her a lot, from her substance abuse problems in the past to get her life back together. All credit to Drew for picking the right friends just as how she picks the right time to lose weight.


When Nicole Sullivan got pregnant, she started gaining a lot of weight. But after giving birth, she made sure that she will eventually go back to her fit figure. A lot of women lose their sexy figure during and after pregnancy, which is totally normal. What’s totally normal as well is when women start shedding off those extra pounds after they had their baby.

In Nicole’s case, she adopted a strict diet with the help of a delivery service that caters to healthy meals. The diet helped her reduce her calorie intake of up to 1,100 per day, which helped her lose weight. Of course, she also had days where she cheats on her diet, but that’s just once a week. She makes up for it by weightlifting and walking. Nicole gives to her determination because, without it, she won’t be able to lose all of her excess weight.


Fergie became popular when she joined the Black Eyed Peas. With the weight that she gained over the years, she decided that it’s time to turn the tables so she followed DietDesign’s low-calorie diet. The diet only provides 1,200 calories every day, wherein the meals are all prepared by Carrie Wiatt. She credits the diet for helping her lose 20 pounds and now manages to consume a total of 1,600 calories per day. To ensure that she’ll maintain her healthy weight, she stays active despite her busy schedule.

According to reports, she also takes a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily to help speed up her metabolism. The Black Eyed Peas singer is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Fergie was always on the bigger bone structure side, but back then she was more of muscular. Her then ex-husband Josh Duhamel was also supportive of her weight loss program. When the two called it quits, they still remained friends and supportive towards each other. All credit to Fergie for maintaining such a positive attitude – this is probably how she has gotten off from that excess weight in the first place.


Josh Peck is a social media personality who was known for being a chubby child actor, which also made him look cute. But his fans were surprised when they saw him become leaner. He credits the lap band surgery he got because it helped him lose a total of 100 pounds. Of course, to ensure that he can maintain a great physique, he started following a healthy lifestyle by eating healthier meals. He stopped consuming soda and instead drinks freshly-squeezed fruit juice. He also hired a trainer to help him become more active.

Hopefully, he’d be able to maintain his weight for good. His fans are hoping to see more of him in the social media world. If we attach an old picture of this brunette handsome actor beside one of his new ones, you would never believe how much weight he’s lost. It is like looking at two different people. At 34 years old, he also has such a baby looking face, credits to Josh and the real friends who had the guts to make him realize he needed a weight change.


Kevin Liles was best known as the obese guy from the Def Records and Warner Music Group’s executive vice president. But this 51-year-old executive decided that it’s time for him to lose weight. He got a gastric sleeve surgery and to ensure that he’d be able to maintain his healthy weight, he adopted a well-balanced diet. He credits all these because he lost a lot of weight, which helped him slim down. Kevin is still in the record industry and was able to maintain his great physique.

We definitely want someone great in the industry to live longer so we hope that he’d be able to stay fit for good. Kevin is not only a good actor, but he is also a CEO and a co-founder of 300 Entertainment. He was always recognized by magazines for his contributions to the entertainment industry. It is clear that Kevin wants only the best for his future and a part of this investment was losing the extra weight he had put on his body.


Patrick Stump is the frontman of Fall Out Boy who became a solo artist after his long hiatus. But what surprised his fans, besides him going solo, is his new weight. He knows that being overweight won’t do him any good, so he started following a diet plan that focuses on portion control. He also adopted a great exercise routine to help him shed more pounds. Patrick credits his determination and perseverance because, without these two, he won’t be able to religiously follow a healthy diet plan.

Hopefully, he’d be able to maintain his healthy and fit physique for good. His hiatus was a good thing for him, and the same goes for many artists. Sometimes, a little break is what they need, away from the famous life and the spotlight. For Patrick, maybe he didn’t invest his time away from his career correctly. Anyhow, what matters is that the sooner he realized that he needed a weight change, he did something about it right away. This handsome young lad is not only a singer, he is a songwriter, producer, and film composer as well. All the credit to his weight loss program, he is now back in shape and looks better than ever.


When Ashlee Simpson became pregnant, she started gaining a lot of weight. But after giving birth, she was determined to bring back her fit physique by changing her lifestyle. Her initial goal was to lose a total of 50 pounds so she eliminated sweet treats. No matter how hard it was, she was able to do it. She also changed her eating habits and adopted an exercise routine at the gym. In fact, every day, she spends an hour at the gym working out.

Ashlee credits her determination and hard work because she managed to lose a lot of weight. Just look at how great her physique is now. One would be surprised how much a change in meals and an hour or two a day of exercise can do such a change for a human body. Pregnancy weight is totally normal, and for Ashlee, being the optimist that she is, she instantly decided to invest her time after pregnancy to release the unhealthy toxins out and replaced her lifestyle with one that is so much healthier.


For years, Ricki Lake had been having a hard time with her weight. In fact, she tried numerous weight-loss methods but none of them worked. Despite this, she still opted to follow the natural way of losing weight. Ricki started following a strict diet and the All Stride, which is a new weight-loss program. The program offered fitness advice, customized meal plans, and online network support. She credits both her determination and hard work because they helped her lose a lot of weight. Her fans are hoping to see more of her in the future.

So hopefully, she’d be able to maintain her great physique for good. This brunette beauty is not only an actress, she is a television presenter and producer as well. Being on production as iconic as Hairspray has been a privilege and an advantage to Ricki’s life, but she didn’t just live in the shadow of the hit musical, she made a name for herself through her other careers as well. Thankfully, she was so brave in losing weight and she invested her time properly going through a healthy diet and exercise regime. She looks prettier than she ever did before!


Anna Gunn is popularly known as the wife of Bryan Cranston in the TV series Breaking Bad. She was under medication, which caused her to gain weight. During the final season of the show, her weight gain became very obvious that she started receiving criticism from the show’s fans. After her health recovered, she immediately started her weight loss journey and what better way to do it by running after her two daughters, Emma and Eila Rose.

To help her lose more pounds, she also did Pilates. Her weight loss journey became successful as she lost weight and looks healthier than ever. This 52-year-old blonde beauty doesn’t even look her age at all, all credits to her maintaining a healthy lifestyle and that includes the balanced diet she implemented on herself. She revealed in an interview that there is no better high than running; it’s the best high there is. Not only does it make her feel good in the moment, but also has so many benefits to the human body. All credits to Anna, now, we all feel like doing a little running from time to time.


Holly Madison started gaining weight and what’s more alarming is that she’s gaining weight rapidly. In fact, in just 18 months, she has already gained a total of 19 pounds. She very well knows that she needs to start doing something to prevent her from gaining more weight. Holly immediately started her weight-loss journey by making NV Clinical, which is a weight loss supplement. It is specifically made to help increase energy and allowed her to gain more strength to work out more. Along with the supplement, she also did Pilates, yoga and followed a low-carb diet.

She credits her motivation because, without it, she wouldn’t get the fit and healthy body that she has now. Who would’ve thought that someone as beautiful, perfect, and flawless as this blonde beauty can also experience struggles because of her weight? Holly has one of the most gorgeous bodies in the world and it doesn’t do it by itself. Once she achieved the body she always wanted, she quickly went back to inspiring her solid fan base, all credits to her being an “influencer”, a lot of women are now more motivated to do a healthier lifestyle.


When Melissa Joan Hart retired from the entertainment industry and started a family, she started gaining weight. Fortunately, she soon realized this and did something to help her get rid of her excess body weight. She started adopting a healthy weight-loss plan where she eliminated junk food from her daily diet. Melissa also used Nutrisystem and used Zucchini noodles instead of pasta, combining it with kale chips for snacks. She also drank fruit-flavored water to help her avoid gaining weight.

All these seemed to have worked when her fans saw her looking fitter and healthier; credits to her motivation because without it, she won’t be able to reach her healthy weight right now. For some of us, we don’t just remember Melissa for being Sabrina, we also remember her mostly by Britney Spears’ music video for her hit single Crazy. The two blonde beauties seem to be the icons of that generation. Both have experienced weight issues as well and then got over it with the right attitude combined with a positive investment and dedication to their time to a healthier lifestyle. Now, even at an advanced age, Melissa looks stunning and fit!


Tami Roman decided to quit smoking, which surprisingly made her gain weight. She may be 5’9” tall, but with a weight of 185 pounds, she knows that she needs to lose some weight. Just like one of the celebrities included in the list, Tami started taking NV Clinical, a diet supplement that helped her lose a total of 7 pounds in just a week. To ensure that she will continue to lose weight, she adopted an exercise routine, by walking for at least 10 minutes to 30 minutes per day.

She currently credits all her hard work because she lost a total of 40 pounds. At the age of 50, her body is still the envy of many, especially women her age. She doesn’t even look a day over 40. Her decision of using the diet supplement probably was not the best decision she’s ever made, but, she did it in the right way, which means she still deserves all the credits in the world.


Jessica is one of the biggest names in Hollywood during her time. Even now, she continues to inspire many people, especially women, who continue to look up to her. However, there was a time when all we ever hear about was Jessica Simpson, her career, and her equally gorgeous and famous husband. There was also a time in her life that not so many people might have known was challenging. Not to mention that her weight even became a meme on the internet.

When Jessica Simpson got pregnant, she started gaining weight. After giving birth, she was determined to lose weight, and so she adopted a diet program named Weight Watchers. It was a success because she lost a total of 60 pounds, while also switching to an all-vegan diet. That’s why in 2014, during her wedding with Eric Johnson, she was looking very sexy with the figure that she has. Well, we give all the credit to Jessica’s determination because she now looks fitter and healthier than ever. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her weight for good.


One of the celebrities that are known to have a voluptuous body is Amy Schumer. But when she landed a role in the movie Trainwreck in 2015, she started losing weight. She needed to lose weight for the role, and according to her, it was one of the hardest things that she ever did for a role. She already accepts and loves her body, that’s why it was harder for her. Amy started following regular exercise and a balanced diet. For several months, she went to the gym and worked out until she reached her weight goal. Well, credits to her role because she lost weight in just a short period.

Amy is, undoubtedly, one of the funniest comedians we have today. Amy has always been so outspoken and frank about her weight, even with the trolls on social media. She had a movie called I Feel Pretty, and it inspired a lot of women to embrace their differences. When Amy gave birth to her sweet a few years ago, she struggled but made wiser lifestyle investments that made their lives so much healthier.


Candace Cameron had always struggled with her weight for decades. But she decided to turn things around by focusing on her weight-loss journey. She started adopting a strict diet and in no time, everyone saw her efforts and hard work. Now 43 years old, she feels more healthy and fit than ever. She loves how her body feels now and how lighter she feels. She credits her determination because without it she wouldn’t reach her weight goal.

Candace is now a mother of three and there’s no other way to exercise but to run after your children. In fact, this is one of the most fun and healthy way to lose weight. A lot of new mothers can quickly lose after-pregnancy weight by looking after a child. Not only does she get to enjoy her quality time with the kids, but she gets to invest those busy times in losing the extra pounds as well. It is brain-stimulating, and, at the same time, all so worth it.


Rachael Ray rose to fame as she can cook the best food in town and unfortunately, it made her gain weight. Just like other celebrities, she consistently struggled with weight gain. She knows that she needs to do something about it, so she started adopting a low-carb diet and exercise regularly. In no time, she immediately dropped two sizes. She then gained a total of 37 pounds again but didn’t think of it that much.

According to Rachael, she’s now satisfied with her weight and has no plans on going on another diet. Well, we credit her for accepting her gorgeous body. The brunette beauty had some things to share about her weight loss journey and tips in the form of books and TV shows. She is generous in many ways, and we should give her credit for that. Several women are now inspired by how tough she handled her weight management, even with just the casual diet and exercise combination.


Mark Wahlberg is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Due to his amazing acting skills, he was able to make a name for himself. In fact, he is one of the highest-paid actors today. When he was cast in the movie The Gambler, he was required to lose a total of 40 pounds since his role has a severe drug addiction. For him to lose weight, he hired a personal trainer and adopted a strict diet. After the production ended, he decided to gain his weight again.

Credits to his determination, he was able to return to his 150-pound weight. We hardly even noticed Mark gaining extra pounds. The truth is, just like any regular person, Mark has experienced struggles behind the curtain as well. A close friend even criticized him in a not so encouraging way when he asked Mark where his abs went. It may seem like a small joke, but a person can also take this heavily. We should give Mark credit for being inspired rather than discouraged about the criticism of his weight gain!


Jason Alexander’s real name is Jay Scott Greenspan. He’s been in the entertainment industry for years and is best known for his role in the TV series Seinfeld. During that time, he was quite huge and fortunately, he decided that it’s time to lose weight; credits to his determination because he was able to lose 30 pounds. He followed a balanced diet and made sure to twitch out for his daily calorie intake. Jason continuously exercises to ensure that he will lose more weight and maintain his fit physique.

Hopefully, he’ll be able to lose more and maintain his weight for good. At the age of 61, this actor remained humble and even revealed in one interview that he still doesn’t know much about directing after all this time. That seems like a hard thing to believe since he has always been passionate about what he is doing, from acting to directing to losing weight. He deserves all the credits in the world for being so hard working.


Kathy Bates was diagnosed with breast cancer so she needed to have a double mastectomy. Unfortunately, after her breast cancer ordeal, she was diagnosed with lymphedema, which caused her legs and arms to collect fluid and later on swell. Kathy decided to start living healthy and for her to do that, she needs to lose weight. She started adopting mindful eating and eliminating unhealthy drinks and foods from her diet; credits to her perseverance because it helped her lose 60 pounds.

She is currently 71 years old and we’re hoping that she’ll remain healthy for good. Her fans surely want to see her on-screen again. There is no doubt that this classy and elegant woman is beloved by people worldwide, thanks to her lovable and relatable character. When fans knew what was going on with her health, they couldn’t help but feel bad for the actress. Thankfully, she recovered and is now making better health investments. Now, it looks like she didn’t even get sick at all.


Ronnie Ortiz rose to fame after working on the show The Jersey Shore, with a role that featured his buff and lean body. But when he fell ill, he started to gain weight. He immediately knew that he needed to do something so he decided to start his weight-loss journey to get back to his old shape. Ronnie hired a fitness trainer and exercised at the gym, which helped him lose weight. Even after losing weight, he continuously exercises so he can maintain his fit body.

Well, credits to his determination because he now looks buff again. Hopefully, his fans can see more of him.
Even though he’s on the bulkier side, Ronnie still looked so masculine and even athletic. Although he has this bad boy look going on, those close to him knows that he has the heart of an angel. Ronnie engages in philanthropy as well. He sure knows how to invest his time to ensure that his good looks do not remain skin-deep.


Matthew McConaughey became popular when he worked with the movie Dazed and Confused in 1993. Ever since then, he always made sure to choose the roles and the movies that he would be in. When it comes to his acting career, he always does everything that he can to portray the roles perfectly. This means that if he needs to lose weight for a role, he would definitely do it. In fact, when he starred in the movie, Dallas Buyers Club, he lost a total of 42 pounds.

He credits this to his strict diet, wherein he only ate greens and eliminated meat from his diet. If you didn’t know already, Matthew is one of the biggest actors in the world. He is not only just a handsome face and loyal hearted person but also a very versatile artist. He has done rom coms and dramas, and so much more. The award-winning actor knows how to invest his time in the things that matter most to him in life, and that includes giving his best in his craft.


Recently, Celine Dion became the talk of the town when people saw her drastic weight loss. It surprised everyone to see how she became extremely skinny, which made people worry about her health. But, according to Celine, her current appearance is making her feel more beautiful than before. She also assured everyone that she’s not sick and that she’s very healthy. She credits her ballet practices because it helped her lose those extra pounds.

Rumors about her not being healthy and that she is experiencing some eating disorders were shut down because of this. Ballet practices are not only good to help you lose weight, but will also teach you how to be disciplined. There is no question that Celine was devastated by the loss of her husband. Other than that, Celine is recovering slowly but surely, and fans need not to worry about her new skinny look. Celine assured us all that she is doing fine and is healthy. We’re pretty sure that Celine is now making all the right investments when it comes to her health and well-being.


Keely Shaye Smith (born September 25, 1963), also known as Keely Shaye Brosnan, is an American journalist, author, television host/correspondent, glamour model and actress. As the wife of Hollywood stud and heartthrob, Pierce Brosnan, Keely Shaye’s weight was always under scrutiny. When her new pictures flooded the internet, it was clear that Shaye lost a considerable amount of weight. Reports say that Keely Shaye Smith lost a whopping 100 pounds!

Our James Bond is clearly head over heels with this beauty, and we can see why. They have one of the most incredible and noncontroversial love stories in Hollywood. They are always photographed together in love and feeling young. Brosnan even said in an interview that there is something about his wife that makes him feels very special, every time Keely stares at him, it makes him weak. As Bond says, “she is the boss of me.” All the credit goes to Keely for being the very own Bond version of kryptonite.


Robbie Williams admired how people started gaining weight after getting married. During his marriage, he decided to stop being a party-animal and to spend more time with his lovely wife. This caused him to eat a lot, which made him gain weight. He noticed that his new lifestyle made a drastic change to his body, so he decided to change it. Before going on his Take That Reunion European Tour, he decided to follow a strict diet, while also changing into a healthier lifestyle.

Robbie also started doing yoga and running, which he credits for losing 30 pounds. In one of Taylor Swift’s tour, Robbie appeared as a surprise guest performer. During that time, Robbie wore a tight shirt with a jacket and a pair of skinny jeans. Once Williams started to sing, the crowd went wild. It only shows that he hasn’t lost his touch with the fans, especially the ladies. We’ve got to give credit to his newly found physique!


Just like other celebrities on this list, Jared Leto is used to gaining or losing weight depending on the role of a movie. In fact, when he was cast to play the role of John Lennon in the movie Chapter 27 back in 2007, he had to gain weight. He surprised everyone with his new look, but then when he landed a role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club, he again needed to lose the excess pounds. According to John, he decided to stop eating for a total of 21 days so he can achieve his weight goal.

We should credit him for his dedication because he can manage to lose or gain weight when needed. A ton of celebrities do weight changes for a role, too. They either lose weight or gain so much of it. Either way, the professional ones always make sure that they invest all of the effort, energy, and time they have to make their projects realistic. Jared looks handsome either way. We’re crossing our fingers that this amazing actor does not become a joker when maintaining a healthy weight.


Back in 2013, Ruben Studdard created a name for himself when he won the second season of American Idol. He also joined The Biggest Loser to help him lose weight, which was successful because he lost 127 pounds. He gave all the credit to Dolvett, his trainer who stood by his side, throughout his weight-loss journey. He is currently at his 40s and still wants to lose more weight to achieve the ideal weight for his height of 6’3”.

He continuously exercises and eats healthy to ensure that he can lose more weight. Hopefully, he’ll be able to achieve his weight goal in time, credits to his willingness and determination to recover from obesity and shift to a healthier lifestyle. Now, that’s what real superstars do. He might not have brought home the biggest loser title, but he is still a winner in our eyes. Hopefully, Ruben is still driving down that healthy track.


When Angie Stone joined Celebrity Fit Club in 2006 on VH1, she knew that her fitness journey is about to start. Unfortunately, the jury wasn’t impressed because she only managed to lose 20 pounds. But what made her change her life was when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Like most people, she prioritized her health more than indulging in food. Maybe she wasn’t as focused on losing weight before her diagnosis because it wasn’t a matter of life and death, but it was great to see her shift her wellness mindset.

She changed her diet plan and restarted her weight-loss journey. Fortunately, this time she lost a total of 75 pounds and now looks fitter and younger than before. She surely deserves credit for her determination to turn her life around because it is one of the most significant factors in anyone’s fitness journey. She deserves to feel good about herself and at the same time, look good!


Oprah Winfrey is not only one of the most popular TV hosts but is also one of the most prominent and wealthiest stars in the industry. But despite all that, she always makes sure to keep a low profile. In fact, the majority of her relationships are well-hidden from the public. But what was known to the public is her struggle with her weight. Throughout her career, people have seen her lose and gain weight. But when she became one of the stakeholders of the series Weight Watchers, she made sure to lose weight.

She gives credit Weight Watchers and her new diet plan because it helped her lost 40 pounds. Oprah is not only one of the most successful talk show hosts in the world, but she also is one of the wealthiest TV personalities in the industry. Given her financial success, we’re sure hiring the best nutritionists and dietitians to help her with her weight loss journey is not a problem to Oprah.


John Popper had always been known as a rock and roll artist. Unfortunately, his popularity was slowly killing him because of how hectic his schedule was. In fact, he experienced chest pain and when he got admitted to a Los Angeles hospital, it was because he had a blocked artery. Fortunately for him, it didn’t lead to a heart attack, which can definitely be fatal. He knew that it was time to lose weight, so he had undergone gastric bypass surgery.

We have got to give credit to this procedure because it helped him lose almost half of his total weight. Now that is a lot of fats gone, meaning many unhealthy and unwanted substances are finally out of John’s body. Popper should be really proud of himself. Even though he didn’t go through the traditional weight loss route and sacrifices of diet and workout as most people do, his courage led him to a different path. He wasted no time in getting that surgery. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his healthy weight for good.


When Leah Remini got pregnant, she started gaining weight just like the celebrities and personalities on this list. But after giving birth, she knew that it was time to shed off all the baby pounds. Leah hired a professional trainer and with the recommendation of Dr. R Cohen, she followed a personalized diet. She credits her intensive workout and amazing diet plans for her successful weight-loss journey. In fact, it helped her lose a total of 80 pounds.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her fit and healthy weight for good. Besides, her fit physique looks amazing on her.
The brunette beauty isn’t just famous for her acting, modeling, and activism. Once in a while, Leah participates in advocacy discussions on social media. She never silences herself and she’s shown that she’s a person who always speaks of the truth. She is an opinionated lady. An example of this is when she commented on Tom Cruise’s rant on Twitter. Even when no one’s asking for her help, Remini knows exactly when to step in. She should give herself credit for being fearless!


When Aubrey O’Day left Danity Kane, a girl group, she started gaining weight. One of the perks about leaving something you were so used to doing your entire life is having a stress-free mind. Stress often leads to either eating more or eating nothing at all. Both are dangerous. In Aubrey’s case, she started binge eating and for another reason too – maybe she just doesn’t have anything to do.

But before she even starts gaining more weight, she attended workout sessions and used different workout equipment to help her lose weight. Each workout session was supposed to help her burn thousands of calories. She also changed her diet plans and made sure to only consume a total of 1,700 calories per day. All of these changes have helped her achieve her weight goal, making her look more fit and beautiful than ever. With that, we’ve got to give credit to her perseverance and determination, as her weight loss journey was a success.


When Shawn Johnson was still an active gymnast, she had one of the best figures of her generation. But everything changed when she quit gymnastics and joined Dancing with the Stars. She started gaining weight and because of that, she received a lot of negative criticisms. All these negative comments made her do juice cleansing and detoxifying which made her anorexic. Fortunately, she decided to change her diet and choose a healthier weight-loss plan.

Besides eating healthy meals, she also started exercising. One of the best exercises that this star did was dancing, whether attending dance classes or just plain dancing. In addition to that, she also enjoyed working out with other people. Doing activities with other people does make the process bearable, plus it gives a whole new exciting twist to her weight loss program. Shawn gives all the credit to proper dieting and exercise for her new fit physique. We’re hoping that she’ll be able to maintain her fit and healthy body for good.


Amber Riley was never bothered by her weight. She was always one of the biggest inspirations for plus size women, especially during the peak of her career when she was smashing and belting out hits on the hit TV show Glee. She showed confidence and self-love like no other can. She was always so contented about the ways she looks, and people praised her for it – she was a real beauty inside and out indeed. Unfortunately, she started gaining weight at a very alarming rate and this may be the reason why her doctor told her that she needs to lose weight.

She eventually did so she started adopting a weight-loss program and a balanced diet. Her doctor gave her strict instructions on how she can manage to lose weight to a certain degree in a healthy manner. All these worked because she went two sizes down; credits to Amber’s determination because without it, she wouldn’t have achieved her weight goal. Currently, she is still watching her calorie intake to maintain her fit and healthy weight.


When Monica Seles was on the top of her tennis career, Steffi Graff’s fan stabbed her in the back in 1993. The incident did not only leave a scar but as well as a trauma. She retired as a professional tennis player and developed an eating disorder that made her gain weight. Often, stress eating can cause depression and a clear loss of hope in life. When passion or career dies, so does hope. We know this sounds confusing to people who have never been in the same situation, but we know those who have will completely understand.

We also know you get the tennis star’s journey as well and empathized with her. When her health started to deteriorate, she immediately consulted her dietician about it. She was then given a new diet plan and was advised to change her lifestyle. Fortunately, she was able to turn things around and started losing weight, and her newly found hope should deserve the credit for that. Hopefully, Monica will be able to maintain her healthy weight for good.


Blake Lively is just one of the many gorgeous and hot mamas in Hollywood today. She gained popularity when she landed one of the lead roles in the CW TV show, Gossip Girl, during the early 2000s. She married Ryan Reynolds and when she got pregnant in 2014, it caused her to gain weight. Right after giving birth, they cast her to do the movie, The Shallows, so she had to lose a lot of weight. Blake gives credit to her intensive workout regimen and her strict diet because it helped her lose 60 pounds.

According to her, she is now in her best shape, not only referring to her beautiful physique but as well as with her growing family. Time and time again, Blake Lively has been named Sexiest Woman Alive by countless magazines, and we’re not even surprised. She has a gorgeous slender figure that goes perfectly well with her height. She even posted on her Instagram how much time and effort she’s invested during her weight loss program because, according to her, if we want to look like the supermodels in our social media, we have to work hard just like them.


Holly Hagan was known for having an hourglass figure, which everyone saw during MTV’s Geordie Shore. Unfortunately, right after her stint, she started gaining weight. There are also rumors saying that her gain weight was due to alcohol and substance abuse. But when Holly started hating her appearance, she decided to change not only her diet but as well as her lifestyle. In fact, due to her determination, she went from a size 16 to a size 8. She lost half the size, which is quite impressive.

Just ask anyone who tried to shed off some weight. Now, the thing is, it sounds easy for other people but to her it wasn’t easy at all. She went through a lot of hard work to attain her now gorgeous physique. Her weight-loss journey is a credit to her determination and perseverance because, without these two, she won’t be able to do it. She wrote a book about her weight loss to inspire people.


Jenni Farley is not like any other mother who gained weight when she got pregnant. However, it didn’t come as a big surprise, considering that most women gain weight during and after pregnancy. The thing is, it would become harder for new moms to lose weight because most women experience postpartum depression after giving birth. They have to work extra hard if they really want their bodies to go back to the way they were.

In her case, she started gaining weight after she gave birth to her second child. This became a wake-up call to her, so she immediately started exercising, and we’ve got to give credit to her determination because she eventually lost her excess weight. Up until now, Jenni is still following her diet plan and workout, so she can achieve her hourglass figure. Due to her successful journey, she became an inspiration to many who are also in their weight-loss journey. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her weight for good.


Kimora Lee Simmons started gaining weight when she got pregnant. Everyone expected it, though, since most women gain weight during and after pregnancy. Some women might not be too visible with their weight gain, but to those who are, it is a struggle. The thought of taking care of a newborn baby, eating regularly, and at the same time trying to shed those extra pounds can be a little too much sometimes. Besides her body, her extra weight also started to show on her face.

She immediately noticed this and decided that it’s time to remove the extra pounds. She decided to create her own diet by ensuring that she will eat less every meal. She started skipping meals, and by not eating, she started losing weight. Her way of losing weight may not be healthy but she lost a total of 25 pounds. While it isn’t healthy at all, a lot of people are still doing this because of how effective it is. Hopefully, she’ll start eating healthily now that she lost weight, in the right way this time.


Adrienne Bailon’s wish before getting married was to have the most gorgeous body figure. Apparently, she is not the only girl in the world to think so. Most women would obviously want to look their best and seat for the wedding; some would even starve themselves due to wedding jitters that they would not fit into their dress on the day of the wedding. Bailon decided to hire a personal trainer who will create a healthy diet plan for her.

Her trainer also helped her work out to achieve the weight that she wants; credits to her hard work because it was a success since she lost a total of 22 pounds before her wedding day with Israel Houghton. Adrienne continued to follow her training and healthy diet so she can maintain her gorgeous body. She has become an inspiration to many because she was able to achieve her goal. We’ve got to give credit to her strong motivation and determination for achieving that.


When Lexi Reed posted her before and after photos on Instagram, she became popular online. The photo shows her weight loss journey, wherein she started with a weight of 292 pounds, but she actually weighs a heaving 500 pounds. When Lexi started to have a hard time doing her daily routines, she knew that it was time for her to do something about her weight. So she started to change their diet and lifestyle. She removed junk food and instead ate healthy.

Removing junk foods, fast foods, and sodas alone already have such a huge impact on creating a healthier lifestyle. Above all, erasing liquor and smoking from one’s daily routine can lead to a very healthy weight loss. They also started working out intensely at the gym and after a year, she finally achieved her ideal weight; credits to her determination and motivation because, without them, she wouldn’t be able to achieve her goal.


When Tyler Perry’s mother died of diabetes, he decided that he should start living healthy. He knows that improving his health will help him live longer and so he hired a personal trainer. With his personal trainer, he also followed a healthy diet plan, which was the beginning of his weight-loss journey. For several months, Tyler followed different workout routines, which include cardio and bodyweight exercises; we need to give credit to his hard work because he lost a total of 40 pounds during the process.

Now, he looks healthier and definitely fitter than he had ever been. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his weight for good. This billionaire is not only good looking; he is also a kind-hearted individual as well. He participates in producing films and some philanthropy. Now that he has lost an impressive amount of weight, he looks better than he ever did before, I mean, if that’s even possible.


Wentworth Miller is known to have depression and with that comes his unhealthy eating habits. Depression can lead to two eating disorders – eating too less and eating too much. Either one of these disorders will certainly be experienced by a person who is undergoing stress and depression, especially if that person is under anti-depressant pills. Unfortunately, his unhealthy lifestyle took a toll on him and made him gain weight.

He started being trolled and criticized online, so he worked hard to lose his extra weight. Wentworth started following a diet plan and worked out regularly. All of these things not only help him lose a total of 35 pounds but as well saved him from depression. He continues to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly. We need to give credit to his motivation, he now has a fitter body and looks better than ever. Slowly but surely, he is also recovering from his state of depression.


When Hillary Scott got pregnant, she started gaining weight and lost her gorgeously curvaceous body. It made her very unhappy not only because of her weight but as well as with her overall appearance. She immediately decided to lose her baby pounds by changing her usual lifestyle to a healthier one. Hillary started following a fitness regime combined with a healthy diet. In no time, she already lost 50 pounds and returned to her curvaceous body; her motivation needs to be credited because it helped her lose all the baby weight that she had.

Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for good. Hillary, also known as Lady A or Lady Antebellum was always on the bigger side when it comes to her figure. Setting the body aside, she has one of the most terrific voices in the music industry. She and her band have popularized some of the most famous songs of her time. She is also a symbol of strength since she has managed to lose so much weight in spite of being naturally big-boned. Kudos to Hillary a.k.a. Lady A!


Reza Farahan is one of the stars in Shahs of Sunset and has decided to start getting back in shape when his appearance made him unhappy. His weight gain was caused by an unhealthy diet and his age. Reza decided to hire a personal trainer who helped him craft a good diet and workout that is ideal for him. He made sure to always eat healthily to speed up his journey towards weight loss. Just after eight months, he lost a total of 40 pounds; credits to his motivation because his weight loss journey became a success.

We’re hoping that he’ll be able to maintain his healthy weight for good. Forty pounds is the ideal weight for a person to lose within one year, no matter the current weight they have on. Losing 40 pounds is a goal not so many people can achieve; it is a victory that nobody can take away from a person. It’s a nice feeling and benefits a person in having good health and living a longer life. It is already the most satisfying subtraction to one’s weight. Reza really did an amazing job with his weight loss journey!


Just like other celebrities, Soleil Moon Frye started gaining weight when she became pregnant. But even before, she already had a history of weight gain, but always made sure to lose extra pounds afterward. Most women have to lose weight in order for them to get pregnant more easily. No matter the size or shape of a woman, she has to stay healthy and fit in order for the baby to stay healthy as well – and, in order for her to not have any troubles in giving birth.

After giving birth to her fourth child, Soleil hired Nutrisystem, which is a company that helps people achieve their weight goals. The company created different meal plans to help improve her health. The plan also makes sure to control her calorie intake so she can lose weight. In no time, she lost a total of 25 pounds; credits to her perseverance because her weight loss journey became successful.


Meghan Linsey became popular when she was runner-up on The Voice. With her newfound fame comes an unhealthy lifestyle that took a toll on her weight. She started gaining weight, and when she noticed this through photos, she became very unhappy. So she decided to change her diet plan. She also joined Nutrisystem, a healthy diet process combined with regular workout. After just a few months, she lost 25 pounds.

She needs credit for her hard work because if it wasn’t for it, she won’t be able to lose all the excess fats that she has. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her fit and healthier body for good. Linsey wasn’t the only one in the same talent show to have experienced a massive weight loss after a massive weight gain; judge Kelly Clarkson was very near obese when she first started as a judge on The Voice. She didn’t like what she saw on pictures and TV and she decided it is time to put a stop to her gaining weight. So, she did. Kudos to these stars for achieving their mission!


Russell Crowe is one of the best Hollywood actors who has been very loyal to his craft, wherein he’d do everything for a role. When he was cast to play a role in the movie The Nice Guys, he was asked to gain weight. After the movie, he decided to lose all the extra pounds that he gained. Russell hired a personal trainer to help him with his weight-loss journey. He followed workout routines and a healthy diet, which helped him get his old fit physique back in no time.

He should deserve credit for his determination and perseverance because he lost a total of 52 pounds. Now, that is already a lot of excess body fat, and then some. An actor as famous and successful as Russell won’t have any difficulties removing his extra body fat with surgeries; instead, he decided to go the natural route of working out. Kudos to this handsome and talented Hollywood gem as well, for being able to maintain the weight that he has worked so hard to acquire up to date.


Boy George is best known as a music icon who was the former lead singer for Culture Club. Unlike our previous celebrity story, he didn’t intend to gain weight, but before he realized it, he was already as heavy as 264 pounds. He decided to turn things around and hire a personal trainer to assist him with his workout that’s specifically customized for his needs and strength. Boy also hired a nutritionist who created a healthy diet plan that’s also ideal for him. Someone like him needs credit for his hard work and determination because he lost a total of 88 pounds. With all that, he was able to transform his large figure into a fit and healthy one.

Boy has one of the most unique looks in the industry; he also has talent beyond compare. His Hollywood projects and television appearances are never boring since he always has something new to bring to the table despite his age. Not so many years ago, he was a judge at The Voice and people didn’t even know anymore that he had to go through a hardcore weight loss journey for he seems to look so fit and gorgeous on the show. That’s our Boy!


Tiffani Thiessen is best known in Saved By The Bell as Kelly Kapowski on NBC. When she gave birth to her daughter, she became unrecognizable because of the weight that she gained. So she decided to take control of her weight by hiring a personal trainer. Her trainer created a workout program and a healthy diet that will help Tiffani reach her weight goal. In no time, she lost a total of 45 pounds and credits her hard work and her trainer for helping her reach her weight goal.

Hopefully, she will be able to maintain her fit and healthy weight for good. Although Thiesen was already on the bigger side before she became a mom, and although it is normal for new moms to gain weight, hers was perhaps a bit too much, not so long after, the brunette beauty redeemed herself by showing to the world that she has self-discipline. She was not one of those actresses who let themselves go. She now has a gorgeous physique that will compliment her porcelain skin even more, not to mention her sense of fashion.


Carlos Mencia was a famous comedian, but when he faced plagiarism cases, such as accusations that he stole other materials from different comedians, he decided to take some time off. His comedy is always somewhat different since his topics and dialogues focused on politics, religion, economy, race, and more hardcore and discriminating controversies. Some people found his jokes not helping the world at all, some even commented that it is more painful and irritating to watch him rather than fun.

Instead of feeling entirely bad about his situation, he started working out while also switching to a healthy diet; credits to his determination because he eventually lost 70 pounds during the process. He did it not only because of his health but because he knows that being in the entertainment industry means investing in his appearance. Currently, Carlos continuous to work out and ensure that he eats healthily to keep the weight off.


When Stephanie Meyer started promoting her hit novel Twilight, she also started gaining weight. After traveling and writing numerous books, she continuously gained weight because of her lifestyle. Fortunately, she soon realized that she needed to start losing weight for her health. She ran and worked out, while also following a healthier diet. In no time, Stephanie lost a total of 20 pounds during the process, and she credits all these to her determination.

Now at 45 years old, she continues to work out and now looks fitter than before. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her fit and healthy body for good. Meyer is considered to be one of the most known names in the world of books in the millennial generation, all credits to The Twilight Saga. Meyer even appeared as a cameo on the first franchise of the best-seller turned into a movie. She was always on the bigger side when it comes to her figure, but not so long after, she decided to look like the actresses in her movie. She might give Kristen Stewart a run for her money!


Al Sharpton was an activist who used to weigh 305 pounds. But he decided that it was time to pay more attention to his health, a wise decision on his part, so his weight-loss journey started. We are unsure as to why he decided to lose weight, but we were all surprised by how successful his journey was. He came out unrecognizable to the world when he first showed himself to be slimmer than ever before.

In fact, he lost a total of 176 pounds just by working out and following a healthy diet; credits to his determination and perseverance because he managed to become fitter and healthier today. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his lean and buff physique for good. At his advanced age, it was a good decision on his part to live a healthier life, because he needed the health and the body now more than ever. Despite not making any public appearances recently, Al is still active in the entertainment industry and on various social media platforms.


Pink may have a sexy body, but just like the rest, she also gains weight. When she got pregnant, Pink started gaining weight. But right after giving birth, she immediately started her weight loss journey. She followed a healthy diet and hired a personal trainer so she can start her weight-loss program. It was a success because she lost a total of 55 pounds and fortunately, got her sexy physique again.

Currently, she is performing for her fans and doing what she loves most – singing. Well, credits to her determination because she finally got her old body back. On her recent post on Instagram, she captioned a photo of her surfing saying that she thanked God for giving her thunder thighs for she knows how to put them to work and to good use. She was almost saying that she now knows the purpose of why God gave her huge thighs too. Aside from being a superstar, Pink is also a very good mother.


Everyone is aware of how Alison Moyet struggled with her weight gain. That is why when she finally lost 80 pounds, everyone was very surprised. She did this by switching her diet to a healthier one and exercising regularly. It is unknown as to what pushed her to lose weight, but some were saying that it is because of the negative comments about her. There are also rumors that it was because she felt unhealthy.

Well, whatever it is, we need to give credit to it because it pushed her to lose all her excess weight. Hopefully, she’ll be able to keep her fit body for good. This English redhead beauty proved to the world that she is not only a great singer and a genius songwriter; she is also a strong woman with firm decisions in making life-changing choices. She made her powerful bluesy contralto voice known to the world, now, she has made another asset of hers known – it’s her self-discipline and also, her power to stop aging altogether.


Fat Joe, as the name says, is on the heavy side and he positively accepted his body. But when some of his heavyweight friends started dying due to heart attacks, he decided that it’s time to change his lifestyle. He regularly exercised and changed his diet into a healthy one; we need to give credit for his motivation because he started losing weight, thus avoiding heart problems. He also got rid of his diabetes and made sure to stay healthy for good.

Fat Joe, is no longer fat and people are inspired by his successful weight-loss journey. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his fit physique for good. There was a reason why the industry and he called himself Fat Joe. Everybody in the world went along with it. It was a click, it was sweet, it was trendy and inspiring, and because it made sense at the time. Not so much anymore now, though. The world is better used to seeing Fat Joe as not so much of a fat joe anymore.


Scarface has suffered from manic depression in the past and it has led him to use excessive consumption of food as an escape. He started gaining weight not only because of his unhealthy lifestyle but also because of a lack of exercise. Due to his weight, he developed illnesses, including high blood pressure and liver damage. These were medical issues that seemed irreversible for the rapper and made him fall into depression even more.

However, Scarface managed to rise up from the ashes and decided to change his lifestyle and started losing weight naturally. There were rumors that he had hired a personal trainer who helped him follow a healthy yet strict diet and a good workout. Well, credits to his trainer because he lost a total of 99 pounds in the process. The success story of Scarface is an inspiration to many overweight rappers to take of their health and maintain a proper weight to preserve their longevity in the industry.


Bubba Sparxxx used to weigh around 290 pounds but surprised everyone when he decided to transform his body. Overweight individuals that have a weight of around 250 pounds or more usually face impossible walls to conquer when it comes to shedding pounds, but in the case of Bubba, his miraculous weight loss journey is a paradox to that stereotype. Bubba knew that he was becoming heavier, so he decided to turn things around.

He admitted himself into rehab to help with his opiate addiction and exercised daily. Along with his vigorous exercise, he also coupled this with a healthy diet, which helped him lose a total of 80 pounds. Bubba credits his determination and motivation because, without them, he wouldn’t reach his weight goal. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his weight for good so he can avoid certain health illnesses that are connected with weight gain.


Honey Boo Boo became popular on Toddlers & Tiaras, a reality TV series, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, her own TV show. She was inspired by her mother, Mama June’s weight loss journey, and wanted to follow in her footsteps. Honey Boo Boo’s family background is known for having overweight members so it wasn’t a surprise that the actress was also in an unhealthy situation at the start of her career.

So to help her out, her mom put her on a healthy diet and an oil-free one to lose weight. Gradually, Honey started showing good improvements and little transformation. She credits her mother for inspiring and helping her achieve the weight goal that she has. Hopefully, she’ll be able to achieve her goal and maintain that weight for good. With her hard work, she will surely get the weight that she wants for herself.


Kelly Osbourne became overweight at the peak of her career which made her a victim of cyberbullying and that can make a celebrity develop severe mental health issues when left unchecked. Kelly was always on the heavier side of the scale and growing up she has been mocked countless times because of her weight. When she appeared on The Osbournes together with her family, her body became more recognizable as unhealthy, overweight, and unattractive.

When Kelly joined Dancing with the Stars, she decided to turn things around by losing weight made it a point to prove her haters wrong. She spent hours working out and followed a healthy yet strict diet, which helped her lose a total of 20 pounds. Credits to her determination because she finally achieved the weight goal that she has. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her sexy figure for good.


Beyoncé has always been sexy, but there were also some instances where she started gaining weight. As a world-class talent that has millions of fans all over the world, Beyoncé has struggled to keep her body in a condition where the general public receives her positively. When she got pregnant, she started to gain weight more than she initially expected. After giving birth, she decided that it was time for her to bring back her sexy figure by losing weight.

She decided to hire a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help her out. The decision to get professional help proved to be the deciding factor in her weight loss journey as results were immediately achieved. She was given the right amount of nutrition that she needs for her diet and lost weight effortlessly to the point where it seemed surgical to the untrained eye. Beyoncé credits both her nutritionist and trainer because they both helped her achieve her old body back. With all her efforts and hard work, she managed to maintain her sexy physique.


Al Roker is best known as the weatherman of NBC and people know him as an energetic, knowledgeable, and quirky kind of guy. However, only a few knew that Al once struggled with his weight. He tried losing weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising every day. Unfortunately, none of these methods were effective. With a heavy heart, Al decided to undergo surgery.

The weatherman immediately decided to have gastric bypass surgery which was the best-case scenario for his weight problem. Fortunately, because of the low-risk rating of the surgery, it turned out to be a success and Al lost 100 pounds in the process. He definitely gives credit to the surgery because, without it, he won’t even get the healthy weight that he wants for himself. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his weight for good.


Christina Aguilera is considered one of the best and most talented singers of her generation. Many singers have tailored their singing style to what is known as the “Aguilera” method, a powerful and high vocal range style. Christina is also known as a skinny blonde and for her hitmaker song Genie in the Bottle back in 1999. Unfortunately, Christina lost her hourglass figure shortly after failing to control weight gain post-pregnancy.

In less than a year, she gained 200 pounds, but she made sure to remain motivated and determined to get back the body she was proud of. She gives credit to her strict diet and yoga classes for helping her lose more than 50 pounds. Currently, she is still in the entertainment industry and still attends her yoga class as much as she can. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her healthy weight for good.


Raven-Symone created a name for herself when she was cast in That’s So Raven, a supernatural sitcom on Disney Channel. The young actress was already on the chubby side during her time on the show and fans have asked her about it sometimes. During the show’s prime, Raven proudly flaunted her body show with a quirky and somewhat aloof personality.

When the show ended, Raven decided to take a break from her acting career so she could start focusing on her health. She credits her balanced diet and regular exercise because it helped her lose a total of 70 pounds and is now the sexiest she’s ever been in her entire life. Presently, the actress is back in the entertainment business and doing what she loves most. Hopefully, Raven will be able to maintain her gorgeous body so that more projects would come for her in the future.


Liz Torres has always been overweight and struggled with her weight for as long as fans could remember. After getting fed up with her body, Liz gained a newfound motivation and started her weight loss journey. However, the celebrity sometimes pushed herself to extreme measures which eventually stopped her progress. There were rumors wherein she used supplements to lose pounds, while there are also some who say that she often goes to the gym so she can work out.

It’s hard to figure out what exactly were the methods that Liz used to lose weight but we’re hoping that she stays healthy and avoids extreme weight-loss options as much as possible. Up until now, her weight loss journey and how she achieved her healthier weight is still a mystery. Credits to whatever helped her lose weight because she now looks healthier and fitter than ever.


When Theresa Caputo joined Long Island Medium, she knew that it’s time that she did something to fix her weight. Theresa started working with a specialist in 2013 to help her lose some pounds and her weight loss journey hasn’t stopped ever since. Theresa tirelessly devoted her time to working out but always stated that she would never develop a love for physical training.

However, when she realized that it was the only way for her to lose all those excess pounds, she started loving the process and found new ways to motivate herself. Theresa also started eating healthy and changed her lifestyle to fit the needs of her training regimen. We should all give credit to her because with her hard work, she managed to lose a total of a remarkable 30 pounds which is a great start to getting a sexier figure.


Teresa Giudice, one of the main cast members on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, is in excellent shape for someone who had four children and for someone her age. Giudice’s workout routine is anything but simple. When Teresa Giudice went to prison in 2014 because of financial fraud, she decided to use that time to work on her body. She focused on losing weight for almost a year while also following a strict diet based on the menu in prison and avoiding excessive carbohydrates.

Her meals consisted of minimal carbohydrates and oatmeal. Teresa also exercised to help form her abs while also doing yoga every morning and working out three times each day. Credits to her determination because she lost weight and became a size two from a size three. Hopefully, she’ll be able to avoid getting in trouble again while also ensuring that she maintains her weight for good.


Most people remember Sally Struthers as a sexy and well-figured woman, but there was a time in her life when she didn’t pay much attention to what she was eating and eventually gained weight in the process. She has been struggling with weight loss ever since. She was in Five Easy Pieces, and she gained popularity from this movie for being the blonde goddess. But similar to others, she also started gaining weight as she got older.

Sally is already in her 70s, and she knows that it will be harder for her to shed off the excess weight, but she did whatever she can to lose weight. When she lost 50 pounds, everyone got curious about how she did it. Unfortunately, up until now, we are unsure of how she did it. By the looks of it, she may have followed a strict diet to achieve her healthy target weight.


Due to Courtney Love’s massive weight, she experienced a lot of health issues as well as substance abuse. She gained 192 pounds while she was recovering from her substance abuse. She decided to turn things around when it comes to her health by switching to healthier meals. She lost around 70 pounds by following a strict diet, and everyone was surprised by the shockingly skinny new look she now has.

Courtney gives credit to her determination because she may still be overweight and continuously be gaining weight over time without it. She also turned to the British weight-loss guru for keeping her so thin. She had a consultation with him after using normal dieting methods to shed more than three stone, which she had been carrying after stopping drugs. Currently, she maintains her weight by eating healthy. Hopefully, she’ll add some physical activities to her routine, which is also beneficial for her.


Miranda Lambert has always received credit because of her musical and voice talent, but it’s a whole different story when it comes to her weight. Her weight was always the topic of many. There were even rumors that she received surgery to lose weight. She then made an announcement to her fans saying that the rumors were 100% false. She also stated that her health and weight loss was the result of working out with her trainer.

When she and her former husband, Blake Shelton, broke up, she decided to transform herself. She immediately began her weight loss journey by exercising more by doing much cardio and strength training while also eating less. She did all these regularly, which then helped her lose a total of 45 pounds. With Miranda’s current figure, she surely looks better and healthier than ever. Hopefully, we can hear more of her songs soon. We’re sure her fans will be ecstatic.


Jack Osbourne had always been known as that chubby kid in The Osbourne, a reality TV series. But after his body transformation, everything changed for him. It was during his puberty when he decided that it’s time to fix his appearance, weight-wise. He started his weight-loss journey by changing his unhealthy lifestyle. He changed his diet into a healthy one and exercised regularly.

The best advice he can give to anyone struggling with obesity is to do everything in moderation. He added that you may not always be in a place where you can eat as healthy as you want, but there’s always a healthier option on the menu. He also started rock climbing, and in no time, he started losing his excess weight. He gives credit to his determination and motivation because he managed to get rid of 70 pounds. He doesn’t only look healthy, but hotter with his fit body.


In 2017, Missy Elliott decided to turn things around when it comes to her health. She switched from an unhealthy diet to a healthier one, while also exercising regularly. According to her, she gives credit to her diet as the main reason why her weight-loss journey became a success. She also admitted that she had to cut down on bread and only consumed water for a long time, while avoiding any other juices or soda.

Her hard work didn’t go to waste because she lost a total of 30 pounds and now looks sexier and healthier than ever. She even made a speech to the graduating students in Berklee. She said that it is never too late as long as you are breathing. Now, she is completely unrecognizable after shedding all the unwanted weight. Hopefully, she’ll keep the weight off for good and continue on a healthy lifestyle.


During Charles Barkley’s time in the NBA, he used to be very fit, strong, and healthy. But when he starts packing on the additional weight, he immediately knows that he needs to change things and start living a new and healthy lifestyle. To start his weight-loss journey, he hired a personal coach who helped him with his nutritional diet and health.

According to Charles, he gives credit to eating a lot of vegetables as one of the reasons that his weight-loss journey became a huge success. He even said that he had eaten more vegetables in one summer than he has ever in the last 50 years of his life. He lost a total of 40 pounds, and if you can see him right now, it seems that the vegetables and all the hard work did pay off. Hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain his healthy weight for good.


Britney Spears is just one of the most popular American singers of her generation. She used to have that sexy body, but as she aged, her appearance started to change. She was aware of this, so she decided to start her weight-loss journey by hiring Tony Martinez, her personal coach. He crafted a workout that will help her lose weight healthily. She also started to eat healthier, and eventually, she lost 20 pounds.

Britney gives credit to her personal coach for the success of her weight-loss journey. Currently, she is now back with her gorgeous figure. She also revealed that she lost weight during the lockdown as she misses her boyfriend, Sam Ashgari, so much. It’s not mainly she tried losing the weight, but it turned out that the cause was the heartache of her missing her boyfriend as they self-isolated separately. Hopefully, she’ll be able to maintain her healthy body for good.


Chrissy Teigen always had an hourglass figure, which everyone adores, and she has lived a lot of life in 35 years. She’s been a food blogger turned best-selling cookbook author, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, a TV personality, and a proud mother of two wonderful kids. When she got pregnant in 2016, it is only natural that she would start gaining weight, which is common with pregnant women.

After giving birth, she decided to follow a weight-loss program to help remove all her baby weight and make investments in a fit and healthy lifestyle. She teamed up with Simone De La Rue, a Hollywood fitness expert, to fix her eating habits. To help her achieve her old body, she did cardio and other exercises as well. She credits not only Simone but her determination as she lost a total of 40 pounds. Now, Chrissy is back to her gorgeous body.


Everyone who knows and has seen Pauline Quirke knows that she’s always been on the heavy side. But after her appearance on Birds of a Feather, a comedy series, as Sharon Theodopolopodous, she decided to lose weight. She also said that she decided to make changes in her lifestyle after suffering a series of health problems, including osteoarthritis. She was inspired by Linda Robson, her best friend, who also had an incredible weight loss journey.

It was so successful that she became unrecognizable. According to Pauline, she gives credit to her consistent workout session, her healthy diet for her weight right now, and cutting out sugar and alcohol from her life. She also lost a lot of weight by following a LighterLife diet for 12 consecutive months. Her weight-loss journey became a success because, in just one year, she managed to lose 112 pounds. She hopes to inspire people who are into their weight loss journey to never give up on their goals.


Renée Zellweger started gaining weight during her movies in 2001 and 2004, Bridget Jones. But when the production ended, she decided that she needed to lose weight. According to her, she started consulting a health nutritionist to assist her with her eating habits. She gives credit to her nutritionist and perseverance for losing a total of 40 pounds. She is currently back with her sexy body and can still be seen in the entertainment industry.

Not only did Zellweger manage to do this impressive transformation once, but twice. Her fans are hoping to see more of her in the future, especially on the big screen. Now at 50 years old, we hope that she’ll be able to maintain her healthy and fit body for good. It’s a fact that staying fit is easier said than done. But it’s something that we all should be doing, and for us to have a healthier lifestyle.

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