Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer? Find Out Here

Sometimes, people tend to not think about an immigration lawyer because, for them, they won’t be needing one. But the truth is, getting one will spare you from frustration and save you some time.

For instance, if you are an employer or a skilled worker who is planning on hiring a person to do some work. This worker that you might hire can qualify for types of green cards or multiple visas. But, knowing which one is the best can be difficult, and that’s where an immigration lawyer will come in. The lawyer can help you and the worker that you’re going to hire to help you decide which one is best for the needs of the employers and the qualifications of the worker.

This will also happen during family-based or any other kinds of visa situations. For example, if you are going to hire someone who is married, he has the option to enter the US using an immigrant visa. This comes with an immediate right to get a green card. He can also opt for a K-3 visa, which allows entry so he can apply for a green card using the adjustment of status. The latter is more fasters and has a lot of advantages depending on the processing time of the current government.

 If You Are Planning To Hire A Foreign Worker

As a business owner, things can get hectic, and you might not even think about the immigration law details. But you definitely spend some time thinking about this, especially if you are planning to hire a foreign worker and sponsor a green card for this person. There are certain requirements here, including completing the PERM or the certification of the labor process.

Also, you need to post an advertisement for the job, but this can become very complicated. The reason behind this is because there are only specific kinds of ads that are acceptable and ones that only contain a particular language. Also, there are deadlines and time frames involved.

The PERM application is also complex; the reason behind this is because employers like you might find it hard to understand how you can complete the FORM 9089 required. You have no room even for the tiniest mistake when it comes to that form. Any error committed can cause denial, even a cent difference in the salary of the worker.

To ensure that everything’s going to be accomplished correctly, it would be best to hire an immigration attorney because he is the one who specialized in completing the form 9089. He is also the one available to assist you in going through the process of acquiring and completing the form.

Remember that if you have been in an immigration court deportation proceedings, and it isn’t done or still on appeal, it can affect the form 9089. Asking a lawyer about this incident and if it affects your current applications would be best.

If You’re Inadmissible

One of the most common legal problems that are being encountered by future immigrants is the USCIS claim or the consulate that they’re inadmissible due to different reasons. Some of the reasons may include committing a crime or lying to the US government. Now, if any of these apply to you, then it would be best to consult a lawyer to help you with the application process.
If There Are Delays
If you are encouraging delays, this is because of the USCIS or the approval of the application by the consulate. Unfortunately, this problem is very common, and asking for the help of an immigration lawyer would definitely help. Usually, this happens when a person moves from California to New York right after filing a free card application; this will need the application to be transferred to New York. Instead of arriving at the intended state, this can cause issues since the application can get lost and such.

Immigration lawyers may not have a lot of power on this, but it would be best to ask for help. They can always ask for problematic or delay cases and work on it. They might have a hard time getting answers, but it is always worth a try.


Whatever it is that you decide on doing, it would be best to avoid relying on the officers of the USCIS for information. Asking for information, except for fees and filing of applications, is not that safe. They are not experts, and they might give you the wrong advice. Also, they might not even give even a little sympathy on your application, so it would be best to follow up on higher officials. Asking for a lawyer’s opinion will always be a good idea.

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